Copenhagen: Sights And Tourist Highlights

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More than one expects the sights in Copenhagen -!

For a capital city, Copenhagen is not so great. However, it can be said quite the opposite with regard to the quality of multi-cultural exchange and cultural life here.

Copenhagen attractions: Christiansborg

Copenhagen attractions Christiansborg Nikolay Kirken

Follow the spirit of “HYGGE”

We believe therefore the warmth, the feeling of security, love and good food. Bottom line, it’s about all the things which bring an aesthetic and physical pleasure with it. You can feel a maximize of all of these positive experiences when drinking beer in the small restaurants which are located next to the channel “Nyhvan”. They belong to the sights of Copenhagen.

The scenic beauty of the “Nyhvan” channel

Copenhagen attractions Canal Nyhavn

Palaces, castles and other monuments of the monarchical history

If you are interested in this part of history and architecture in Copenhagen, you should first aimed at the building of Christiansborg and Rosenborg. They are not only beautiful, but reveal much about the architectural features of the city.

Christiansborg Palace

Copenhagen attractions Christiansborg coach

Christiansborg Palace is very striking in this respect. There, the monarchs have celebrated their wedding ceremonies. But today, there are also many monuments of modern architecture art mountains. The many new elements you can agree also that fires and destructions in the 19th century many renewals proved necessary. But the place has not lost its representative functions today. Because the Parliament is sitting and the Prime Minister’s Office is also located in this building.

Here sits the Parliament and the Prime Minister’s Office is also located in the Christiansborg Castle

Copenhagen attractions Christiansborg castle garden pond

Rosenborg Palace has a slightly different character. Here you will forget just in some places about the history and their use. Because very quickly will plunge into the peace and quiet and enjoy of the Botanical Gardens here. After all, you can learn if you want, also here a lot about the history of the monarch. There are crowns and precious pieces originating from their reign. Also their history between the 16th and the 19th century was narrated.

Rosenborg Castle is located on the edge of the Royal Garden

Copenhagen attractions Rosenborg Castle

Most of Copenhagen attractions can be reached also by bike. We recommend you to leave this to the side and to enjoy a run on the longest pedestrian street in Europe. She calls herself “Strøget”.

The “Strøget” pedestrian street in Copenhagen is 1,1 km long

Copenhagen attractions pedestrian zone Strøget Street

Fountain in the pedestrian zone

Copenhagen attractions Strøget pedestrian street

Enjoy the walk in the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen attractions Stroget pedestrian longest road

Here, bike riding is also popular

Copenhagen attractions Strøget pedestrian bicycle driving

The Royal island

The so called Royal Island shows a very high concentration of tourist attractions in Copenhagen. It is not far from the aforementioned Christiansborg Palace. There, she is well-known NY Carlsberg Glyptotek, the National Museum, the stock exchange, the Town Hall and many other galleries and museums. Easily, also the central station can be reached from here.

NY Carlsberg Glyptotek

Copenhagen attractions NY Carlsberg Glyptotek

Cosy patio with Palm trees and exotic plants

Copenhagen attractions Carlsberg Glyptotek Park Palms

Visit the National Museum in Copenhagen

Copenhagen attractions City Museum Carlsberg Glyptotek

The NY Carlsberg Glyptotek is located on the so-called Royal island

Copenhagen attractions NY Carlsberg Glypothek input

The Christiania district

Under the Copenhagen tourist attractions, we want to like to highlight this quarter. It is not part of the EU. It was founded by hippies in the 70-IES and it now has a statute of an independent company.

City District Christiania

Copenhagen attractions neighborhood Christiania visits

An independent company outside the EU

Copenhagen attractions neighborhood Christiania input

The new modern library of Copenhagen

For those of you who like the modern architecture, we want to emphasize this work here. The idea of easy accessibility for all the people who come here from all directions of the city, behind the project. This also applies to the otherwise very clearly structured areas inside. The latter are dedicated to the education, entertainment and recreation, and also function. Remarkable is, after all, as one could get many of the features of the traditional Danish public architecture. Recognisable by their characters on the design of the facade, the ceiling, the courtyard and the lights.

The modern town library

Copenhagen attractions modern library

Contemporary Danish architecture

Copenhagen attractions modern library building

Interior view

Copenhagen attractions modern library Interior

All of these merged into a completely integrated system. The building symbolizes the modern character of the city and among other things also the manner how confluence of past and future here.

The Kronborg castle looks like a green oasis

Copenhagen attractions Kronborg Castle