Corfu Perfectly Organized Trips – And Enjoyed!

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Corfu perfectly organized trips – and enjoyed!

If you want to meet Greece in a safe and enjoyable manner, we would recommend you among all the islands of Corfu. This is a great destination, even if you experience the country for the first time.

The Greek island of Corfu

dreamlike beaches Greece travel to Corfu

Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands. It is the second largest in terms of area. Also, this is the northernmost island. Actually, you have from Ionian Islands from access to two oceans – the Ionian and the Adriatic.

The population is little more than 100 thousand people.

The island’s area is more than 593 square meters

map travel to Corfu

How to reach the island?

The easiest journey to this paradise is by plane. From most larger airports of Europe takes the departure between 3 and 3 1/2 hours.

What accommodation should you look for in Corfu?

It is usually no problem to find accommodation according to the own criteria here. There are hotels of different star. There are plentiful all inclusive – offers. Although there are many accommodations, you should book prefer early enough your holiday, because there is also a great demand.

Beautiful beaches and unspoiled nature

Corfu travel Corfu Greece

Corfu – a city of full of history and old buildings

building Marina travel to Corfu

Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere

Corfu Island Greece travel to Corfu

What means of transportation are available locally?

There are good bus connections to the various towns within the island. You can buy the tickets for this special card machines.

Sometimes you can bring them also from the bus driver.

Nature and landscape

The island is reminiscent of a sickle shape. Two mountain ranges divide it into three parts. The northern part of the island is covered with forests, the southern part is characterized by a flat landscape, in the central part there are many hills.

The coastline is more than 200 kilometers. The highest point is the mountain of Pantokratoros and he is 906 metres above sea level.

Corfu is called “the Green Island”

rocks travel to Corfu Corfu Greece

Corfu is a thriving and green paradise, where you can discover a wide range of species. There are also some tropical crops such as bananas, for example, making the island still lovely.

A piece of paradise

most beautiful beaches travel to Corfu Corfu GreeceCorfu Island Greece travel to Corfu sea nature


The climate means it well with the locals and the tourists. It has a subtropical and Mediterranean character here. The summer is very hot, but not unbearably hot. Are the daytime temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees in summer and in winter they fall under 5.

On warm days, the water temperature can reach up to 24-25 degrees C

Islands Greece travel to Corfu

The Marina on the island

Corfu travel to Corfu Greece Marina

What can you do in Corfu?

Corfu offers surprisingly many entertainment options. You can do quite a bit. Following activities which you can choose according to your interests are for example:

Walking and discover the beautiful landscapes of the island; There’s hardly a time span in which it could not be possible due to the pleasant climate;
You have to visit many different beaches, and all of these have their own beauty;
You can go shopping;
There are many good restaurants in which you can get to know the Greek cuisine and try tasty dishes;
There are a number of water sports you can practise here;
There are many clubs for equestrian sports and golf, tennis and many others;
At night, many bars and clubs open their doors for visitors;
There are many historical monuments;

Experience a journey that mentally and physically you enriched and relaxed so on Corfu! Take with good humor and much experimentation and you will get to see the best of Greece and feel!

Walk through the city

Street travel to Corfu Corfu Greece

A typical souvenir shop

memorabilia travel to Corfu Corfu Greececityscape travel to Corfu from the top #-Corfu travel city view from upbuilding Greece travel to Corfu Corfu TownCorfu Town travel to Corfu Greece port

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