Destinations Europe – The Latest Trends For 2015 Find You Here

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Destination Europe: New destinations for 2015 needed?

As in all other areas there are also annual trends under the dream trips. You are connected also with the current settings and features.

We looked at, what is a trend when it comes to preferred destinations in Europe, to watch. Interestingly, we have found that these are not unknown small towns. Quite in contrast. It’s places, which you may have visited.

But the major European cities have much to offer. That’s why more than a visit are worth. One can proceed with “theme”. Once will be probably more more to culture, another time to cuisine and nightlife. Also always very happy to visit the outlying districts, which could show interesting aspects of local life.

Holidays in Porto

Do you want a dream holiday in Europe, which includes exotic, wonderful cuisine, very much history and culture from practically all European art projects? If so, then you’re absolutely correct in Porto, Portugal. You have here no sea and no beaches. But Portugal is not so great and has good transport connections. Choose a suitable location on the coast and then go. Be only warned that anywhere on the West Coast the landscapes rough look. Rather, you can enjoy sports and wonderful views.

Panorama of the city of Porto

destinations Europe Porto Portugal port

The waterfront promenade at sunset

destinations Europe Porto old town panorama

Beautiful Azulejos in the São Bento train station

destinations Europe Porto São Bento train station

The shopping street Rua da Assunção

destinations Europe Porto Rua da Assunção

The proud City Hall of Porto

destinations Europe Porto City Hall

Typical neighbourhood houses

destinations Europe Porto houses district

Traditional wooden boats

destinations Europe Porto wooden boats

Berlin, Germany

A dream vacation in Europe without a visit to Berlin is virtually impossible for the Germans, other Europeans and actually more and more people from around the world. In the last 25 years, apparently trying to catch up on the previously missed time of communism. Many different, cosmopolitan-minded people live here. More probably than at many other places around the world. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city and enjoy many types of tourism, including cultural and Spa. For the fans of contemporary art and modern life style, Berlin is the best place for holiday.

Breathtaking views of the nocturnal city

destinations Europe Berlin night city panorama

The round building of the Bode Museum

destinations Europe Berlin Bode Museum boat

Joy of colour in spring

destinations Europe Berlin Tulipan Britzer Garten

If you are in Berlin in spring, Miss the Tulipan in the Britzer Garten never!

destinations Europe Berlin Tulipan

Relax in the pleasure garden in front of the Berliner Dom

destinations Europe Berlin Cathedral pleasure garden

Visit some of the city’s numerous flea markets

destinations Europe Berlin flea market

Colorful street art in the former East Berlin

destinations Europe Berlin graffiti art

Drink a Käffchen in the Hackischen

destinations Europe Berlin chopper

Or have farms in the picturesque Heckmann

destinations Europe Berlin Heckmann Höfe fountain

The unique Festival of lights takes place every year in the summer

destinations Europe Berlin Festival of lights

If you stand at luxurious parties, Adagio is right for you

destinations Europe Berlin nightlife Adagio

Take a break in the casual atmosphere of the Oranienstraße

destinations Europe Berlin Oranienstraße brunch

Typical Prenzlauer Berg

destinations Europe Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Discover the city by bus

destinations Europe Berlin City tour

Or rent a sweet Trabi

destinations Europe Berlin Trabant tour

Admire the stylish architecture of the German Bundestag

destinations Europe Bundestag

If you like’s unconventional and authentic, then visit the cult Café definitely cinema

destinations Europe Café cinema

Vienna, Austria

Is there anyway a more classic choice for dream holidays in Europe? Especially around Christmas Vienna becomes a fairytale city. Everything is booked out so quickly that you best should start with the plan. In the summer, it is quiet and you can make beautiful walks and cultural visits. The nightlife has a growing attraction and one meets people from very different countries.

The trench – the main shopping street of Vienna

destinations Europe Vienna shopping street

Discover the Austrian capital with a horse-drawn carriage ride

destinations Europe Vienna carriage lock

The world famous Viennese coffee and the Sachertorte are a must of course

destinations Europe Vienna coffee cake Sacher

Marvel before the quaint architecture of Hundertwasser

destinations Europe Hundertwasser House Vienna

The Karlskirche will enchant you at night

destinations Europe Vienna Karlskirche

If you are on classical music, you forget to visit not the Vienna Opera

destinations Europe Vienna Opera

The beautiful Belvedere

destinations Europe Vienna Belvedere castle

Schloss Schonbrunn and its magnificent gardens

destinations Europe Vienna Castle Schonbrunn

Allow enough time for a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral

destinations Europe Vienna St. Stephan's Cathedral

Zagreb, Croatia

Looking for a city in your dream vacation in Europe, which is at the same time super romantic and super secure? In this case, Zagreb would be exactly the right destination for you. The hospitality, the Mediterranean flair and the full cultural calendar attracting people in addition to Zagreb.

Magnificent panorama of the city in the summer

destinations Europe Zagreb city panorama market Cathedral

The old city of Zagreb

destinations Europe Zagreb old town

Panorama of the Sant Mark Platz

destinations Europe Zagreb Sant mark market

The Church of St. mark

destinations Europe Zagreb Sant mark Church

Nicosia, Cyprus

Actually you may miss it, to spend a dream holiday in Cyprus. The beaches are wonderful, you have here anywhere remains of long and interesting history. Not coincidentally it is believed that Aphrodite is born.

The combination of swimming in turquoise waters about visits to ancient ruins in the afternoon to a wonderful nightlife appears every tourists as a fulfilled dream.

At the end, we want to conclude with a further tip. Get a no matter what location you choose for your dream vacation in Europe, some time for visits to the surrounding area. Basically, the cultural context is very valuable for the General experience.

The city at a glance

destinations Europe Cyprus Nicosia monastery mosque

Shopping street in Nicosia

destinations Europe Cyprus Nicosia Street

Enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine in a small restaurant

destinations Europe Nicosia Cyprus restaurants

Handmade souvenirs against the evil eye

destinations Europe Nicosia souvenirs

Stay in a typical Guest House

destinations Europe Nicosia hostel

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