Exciting Trips Around The World – 10 Of The Largest Cities On Earth

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Do you fancy a trip to the largest cities on the planet?

The world travel is always such a thing… We can see everything impossible and the possible destinations and routes that we want to visit, are nearly an infinite number. Therefore, it has become fashionable in recent years to subordinate the travel to certain topics. What’s you with a world tour, which runs through the ten largest cities on the planet? Read it, which are the most interesting destinations and what they have to offer.

Trips around the world to the biggest cities in the world

travelling the world largest cities megapolise city travel

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Sydney is not only one of the most beautiful cities around the world, but also one of the largest. It extends over an area of more than 12 000 km ². The city is not so large with regard to the number of their inhabitants. The population density is pretty modest in comparison to other major cities around the world. About 4.5 million people live in this city of big sizes.

World Travel Australia sydney megapolis

World Travel Australia sydney Opera building modern architecture

World Travel Australia sydney Opera city panorama sunset


Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kinshasa is the political, economic and cultural centre of the country, unfortunately it is considered to be one of the least-developed countries around the world. The more visitors to the capital will be surprised. Because it gives exactly the mutual impression. This is true but only if you are in the city centre. 60% of the capital has an infrastructure that is actually typical rural.

world travel Republic congo capital kinshasa

world travel Africa Congo kinshasa river port

world travel Africa Congo kinshasa capital Stadium


It is the largest city in Turkey, one of the largest in the world. Istanbul is an economic, cultural, and industrial center of the country. Istanbul is located on an area of 5 461 km ². Enjoy an incredible cultural heritage here that Istanbul has been the capital of several Empires.

A charming feature of the city is its location. It is situated on two continents – Asia and Europe and in the middle of the Bosporus, the channel that separates both continents runs.

world travel istanbul Europe Asia city travel Turkey travel

world travel istanbul Turkey Asia of travel in Europe

world travel Turkey istanbul night view

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the fourth largest city in the world. It is the capital of Argentina. The city covers an area about 4 000 km ². It is in many different districts and suburbs split. It is one of the older Latin American cities. Beautiful buildings admire in Buenos Aires, some already in the 16th century.

The city has a very dramatic story. Shortly after its construction, it was burned by the Indians. It was then rebuilt. In the 19th century she has inflicted further damage get and this as a result of the earthquake. Again, the ancient grandeur was returned her. In the 19th century, Buenos Aires was appointed the capital of Argentina.

world travel buenos aires Argentina capital city city trip

world tours Argentina buenos aires plaza del congreso

world tours Argentina buenos aires South America caminito tango


This is a large urban centre in Pakistan. In Karachi is one of the largest ports, it is an economic centre and the capital of one of the largest provinces of the country. The city is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It has an area of 3 500 km ². That’s four times more than the land area of Hong Kong. This is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The population is approximately 12 million inhabitants.

weltreisen karatchi India city travel

world travel karatchi bus transport to serve travel


Alexandria is located in the Delta, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, and namely nil. This city is also a very important sea port. Alexandria is also one of the economic centers of Egypt. It has great international significance. The city is about 2 700 km².

world travel Alexandria panoramic stood travel Egypt

world travel Alexandria Egypt Sea Bridge

world travel Alexandria Egypt city travel travel


Still a featured city is located in Turkey. It is the capital of the country – Ankara. This city is the 2 500 km². Ankara is situated at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

world travel Turkey capital ankara city panorama

weltreisen ankara Turkey resein capital


Bogota is actually a shortening. The complete name of the capital city is Santa Fe Bogota. It covers an area square of 1 700 km. Still, it is interesting that the city is 2 600 m above sea level.

weltreisen bogota Colombia capital

weltreisen bogota Colombia katedral primada plaza bolivar

weltreisen bogota megapolis capital of Colombia South America


It is the capital of Iran, also the most important town in economic and cultural terms. Teheran is an important commercial center in the country. Here the relief is varied. Tehran is characterized by a very beautiful hilly landscape.

world travel Asia travel tehenran capital of iran

weltreisen Tehran iran capital Asia travel city panorama

world travel Asia iran Tehran city travel


If you want to take a world tour of the largest cities in the world, then don’t forget London. The area, which extends this huge city, is located at 1 500 km². London lies on the River Thames, and is the largest port in England. The city looks back on a long history, because she founded 43 years after Christ.

world travel alondon england city travel big ben

world travel london United Kingdom capital city travel nothing hill portobello road

world travel london night viewing england capital

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