Fancy Restaurants – The Magical Restaurant “the Rock”

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fancy restaurants the rock Tanzania

Fancy restaurants: “the rock”-an extraordinary restaurant in the middle of the Indian Ocean

Today, we wouldn’t write about interior design, how we do it in the most articles. We describe a style of architecture… We want to inform you this time no unique ideas for the Interior, but talk about something extraordinary – a unique restaurant has drawn our attention and piqued our interest. And we want to bring you to this magic, which radiates this unusual place… Fancy restaurants are the starting point for our today’s article. Have you ever heard of a restaurant which the attractive name “the rock” is? If not, then we introduce like this! If you already know this but, then know you might like some more about this interesting building in the middle of the sea?

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the middle of the ocean…

fancy restaurants the rock Indian Ocean Terrace

The restaurant at low tide

restaurants the rock Indian Ocean tide to walk walking

The restaurant impresses first of all because of its location, and secondly because of its unusual appearance. The magical atmosphere, which creates it, is worth to be looked not only experienced, but also at the place with. We warn you in advance: after you see the restaurant in pictures, an such urge to visit this… as possible soon personally arouses in you no doubt

Magical place in the middle of the Indian Ocean

fancy restaurants the rock flood

At night, the restaurant looks like an oasis

fancy restaurants the rock located In the ocean

“The rock” can be described as one of the boisterous restaurants in the world without a doubt. This is located on a small rock in the Indian Ocean, where the waves more often. The restaurant is so interesting and unique, that’s turned into a real symbol of Zanzibar, Tanzania, where it is located.

“The rock” fascinated with simple, yet unique look

restaurants the rock Indian Ocean rock stairs

It has built the restaurant 2010. His appearance is very simple, as well as its interior design, by the way. His charm lies in the simplicity of its exterior and Interior. Here to make mainly seafood, which are popular worldwide.

Comfort and tranquillity prevail in the Interior of the restaurant

fancy restaurants the rock Interior

If you like seafood, you taste the food even in the “the rock”

fancy restaurants the rock Indian Ocean seafood

Isn’t it looks very tasty?

fancy restaurants the rock terrace

The exterior offers a memorable experience!

restaurants the rock terrace nice views

The restaurant has about 12 tables and a superb terrace, where you can also enjoy the magnificent view. How to get to the restaurant? At low tide you can come easily on foot. At high tide, it is brought by boats to this charming place.

At low tide it comes easily to the restaurant

restaurants lifestyle the skirt cool exterior

At high tide, the transport is secured

restaurants the rock Zanzibar boat transport

Rustic stairs lead to the restaurant…

fancy restaurants the rock stairs

The restaurant also boasts an attractive outdoor area

restaurants the rock ocean outdoor comfort

Spend a romantic afternoon on the terrace

restaurants lifestyle the rock Indian Ocean

The ride to the restaurant is even a cool experience

restaurants the rock Indian Ocean Zanzibar

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