Go To Better The Pilgrim’s Way And Learning To Know!

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The way of St. James – an unforgettable journey that promotes stamina and mental strength

The way of St. James, also Camino de Santiago is without a doubt one of the most famous pilgrimage route at all. At the latest since the publication of the book by comedian Hape Kerkeling “I’m gone” in 2006, he became even more popular also in Germany. More and more adventurous hikers get it started and run the legendary tour through northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. When one speaks of the way of St. James, in particular “Camino Francés” is meant. He begins by Saint-Jean-Pied-de-port in France and runs through northern Spain (Navarre, Rioja, Castilla and Galicia) towards the Atlantic Ocean.

All roads lead to Santiago

Camino hiking routes shell characters

But behind this pilgrimage? Why do you exactly this route? What promises one of them?

Although the ultimate goal of the Camino for all the same is the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela – – each individual perceives the journey in his own very special way. The role of a pilgrimage has always been next to the worship of Saints, to also go to himself. The hardship and the pain they must endure on the way to the target, help, to be always stronger and more patient. Not for nothing, many couples make their relationship to test and migrate along the Pilgrim’s way. If they are then finally in Santiago de Compostela, then know it is either correctly and make love anymore or their part ways forever.

A long way of self recognition

Camino hiking pilgrims Spain Santiago

A bit of history

St. James the elder was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, and it was conveyed that he has operated his missionary activity in the Iberian Peninsula. It is believed that after his execution in Jerusalem in the year 44 have been erected his tomb in the today’s Santiago de Compostela. In the middle ages, this legend has created a grass-roots movement. So were many facilities on the routes, such as churches, monasteries, pens, guest houses and hostels, which even today still exist and provide accommodation for the pilgrims.

Sleepy villages and nostalgic ruins

Camino hiking trips Camino de Santiago

Some of the oldest and most beautiful churches on the Pilgrim’s way, you must visit in any case, are San Martín, Frómista and San Isidoro in León, the Cathedral of Jaca and the chapel of the castle of Loarre.

The scallop

It serves to already from the beginning as the Pilgrim badges on the way of St. James. Previously, it was believed that the mussels, which each pilgrim at all Pilgrim received, will protect him from the evil forces on the way home. At the same time, the mussels were also a proof that the Pilgrim has in fact made the trip. Later in the 13th century, this role was taken over by a letter of credentials. Today, it is the pilgrims deed – the Compostela. The scallop, which generally was in the middle ages as a symbol of the Pilgrim, is today all over the place on the Pilgrim’s way. You see them in many places along the route as an orientation aid.

So just follow the shell and you will make it!

Camino hiking mark shell symbol

Was written on the Pilgrim’s way up to now so much and so often, that you can learn simply almost everything in advance. One is sure. Nothing can replace the real experience. Here, as in real life, is especially – the journey is the reward. And don’t forget! Even the longest way starts with the first step. Do you dare and discover yourself!

Everything can be with true friends bear easier

Camino de Santiago pilgrims society Camino

Discover the charm of Northern Spain

Jakobsweg pilgrims Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain provinces

Picturesque landscapes and remote settlements

Camino hiking endurance small villages cities Navarre

Old stone bridges are waiting to be committed

Camino hiking River stone bridge Navarre

Find your own special way to Santiago!

Camino hiking shell Camino de Santiago

Divine silence and limitless freedom

Camino walking pilgrims mountains

Take your well deserved break you need!

Camino walking pilgrims nature Pyrenees

Scallops and hot stones

Camino hiking Pilgrim shell Santiago

The majestic Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

Camino walking pilgrims final destination Cathedral Santiago De Compostela

Yes, you have finally made it

Jakobsweg pilgrims of Santiago De Compostela Cathedral joy

An insider’s tip – go even further after the Cape Finisterre on the Atlantic Ocean

Camino hiking Cape Finisterre Spain

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