Happy Trailer: 11 Cool Campers And Caravans

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cool campers and caravans

Happy trailer: 11 cool campers and caravans

Is there something better than away to travel and to go where the feeling takes us there? It is much easier to pack and to make journey, if you have a camper or RV, waiting to transport you and your drive in new landscapes on the way for a spontaneous camping. These motor homes and caravans have the functionality and style their camping trip quite differently than the crowded travel, you probably know from your childhood.

Comfortable Yukon Minihaus

cool campers and caravans practical travel

The Interior of this caravan – really easy

Cool campers and caravans ceiling lighting

Laird Herbert from Yukon has made this tiny 15 qm camper as a miniature alternative to the traditional House. The small house is highly resilient and has extra cushioning to meet the requirements of the harsh conditions. It has surprisingly much space in terms of its small area, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and an above-average size high bed.

252 degrees motorhome

cool campers and caravan car modern red

cool campers and caravans Yanko design the House opens as a book, where each page makes up a new room

The designer Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, David Dethoor and François Gustin have designed a unique camper with the idea for a space ship. When you reach a campsite, where you want to stay, a screen comes around which protects you from the muck and provides you with privacy.

Colim caravan

cool campers and caravans futuristic design

A mini car and a large living room

cool campers and caravans futuristic separated

The Colim concept allows to select it to its mobile residents, to bring the entire House or just to drive the car caravan. The Colim (colors of life in motion) is a camper van in two parts: a mini car and a large living room. Both are usually connected, but if required they can be separated. So, you can leave the flat part and driving around unencumbered by car.

More cell lot cells caravan

cool campers and caravans auto square white

Travelers who find difficult quite suitable caravan or camper, would look forward to the concept of multiple cell for more personalization. More Zeller’s designers say that they work, so that they better understand what they really need together with the customers, and then make a completely personalized Caravan. She should look every time, as if they had organically developed a cell.

VW Westfalia solar RV

Volkswagen Westfalia solar caravan motorhome caravan solar

The Volkswagen Westfalia very long was a popular symbol of hippie culture and freedom

cool campers and caravans Westfalia Volkswagen

The designer Alexandre Verdier wanted to improve the ride quality of Westfalia, so he built the eco-friendly and luxurious Volkswagen. The roof of the camper vans is equipped with solar panels that collect maximum energy from the Sun. An air suspension system deeper sets the van so that he is more stable parked.  The pop up roof allows for even a second floor. This camper is very different from the usual Volkswagen. You can afford this for a hefty price tag from $26,000 to $69,000 maybe.

Eco capsule

cool campers and caravan car gleaming

The capsule is a 6-seater, and when the weather can be opened

cool campers and caravan car design

This tiny pendant does not seek the attention of other passengers – it involved actually quite well in the environment. The eco capsule to be used in community, so each capsule is connected to the next, to form an electrical system. Each unit has either a wind turbine or Dachpanelle an environmentally friendly way to meet the energy needs of residents. The shiny surface is made of cans that the environment re so shine and interferes with her the capsule. The capsule is a 6-seater, and when the weather can be opened, so that travelers can better enjoy the beauty of nature.

Midget Bushtrekka

cool campers and caravan camping bike

The Ultra Green travellers would take even prefer a bike instead of motor vehicles

modern cool campers trailer tent bike

Midget Bushtrekka realized this dream with the robust trailer, connected to your bike. A tent provides a convenient way of sleeping for on the go.


cool campers and caravans innovative

The Innovan series has new definitions for caravans, caravans and trailers

cool campers and caravans in movement instead of the usual thick and box-shaped things that the Innovan products are finely and aerodynamically. When driving, the roof of the camper is quite low, so that the car is exposed to lower air resistance. At a standstill, there is much more interior space thanks to pop ups.

Bulleit frontier whiskey Woody

cool campers and caravans wood surfaces

There is probably not too stylish or fun-loving followers as it

cool campers and caravans beverage bar food

Well, you can not inside camp or hide even his garden chairs. Where but space lacking camping, is compensated for by the pure style. The Whiskey Woody is a full service bar in a classic trailer, including Poker set and lush leather furniture.

Modern motorhome

cool campers and caravans mobile apartment

You can not even imagine, that there is a real small residence in this caravan

cool campers and caravans concept

In the folded position, the design by Mehdi Hidari Badie sees as a mobile storage unit. When you reach your destination, but, this modern motorhome in a House that looks as usual campers unfolds. Light, yet stable, this House is built from eco-friendly recycled materials. Solarpanelle are higher for the continuous power supply of the House.

Opera Mobile apartment

cool campers and caravans awning

Opera Mobile apartment is a beautiful, elegant mobile home

cool campers and caravans white awning

Although most people think the camping as a rough, you need not forgo completely travel luxury during a camping. Opera Mobile apartment is a beautiful, elegant camper with the shape and the style of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. In this suite the camper can take a bit of luxury, no matter where they are located.

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