Historic Haunted Houses – 8 Enchanted Building In New Orleans

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ghost houses Monteleone In the colonial-style

Historic haunted houses with creepy past and spooky flair

When you are the horror stories and ghosts, very impresses this 8 enchanted ghost houses and hotels in New Orleans in any case. The big easy is known as the city with the most ghost stories in the United States and it is therefore not very surprising that precisely because many ghosts do their mischief.

The first haunted house from our collection is built in the Beaux Arts style, the Hotel Monteleone. It is very well known bar with its rotating piano, which is haunted by the former owners, staff and guests. Haunted everywhere. Some say that the specter of a jazz singer at midnight in the loud singing. Others make sure that you can hear the shouting of the children who died from yellow fever here many years ago.

The Hermann-Grima House is like the Monteleone hotel in the French Quarter and is known for its friendly, Mediterranean spirit. They are often scattered roses and lavender and light the fire in the fireplace. The House was built in 1831 and is now Museum and a very important, historic monument.

The Hermann-Grima House

ghost houses historic building in New Orleans

Beauregard-Keyes House

ghost houses spooky and mystical

Above you see the Beauregard-Keyes House. Here, the former owners should circulate General of Confederation P.G.T. Beauregard. Often, his soldiers should sing aloud and March. We saw soldiers with severe wounds and full gear sometimes, and a lone violinist who played music at night.

Hotel provincial

ghost houses former Hospital

Hotel Provincial was once a hospital of the Federation. The hotel staff claimed to have heard the screams of wounded soldiers often. Sometimes, they saw even blood stains on the sheets, which come out of nowhere and disappear at once.

Le Pavilion hotel

ghost houses In the antique style

Le Pavilion hotel is one of the weirdest of the haunted houses in New Orleans. The most famous ghost here is of a young girl, called ADA. She has lived in the 40 years of the 19th century. Unfortunately she was run over by a horse-drawn carriage, just before she wanted to embark on a boat with your family. She is often seen how it drives your mischief through the lobby and the hotel guests says that she has lost and don’t know where it is actually located.

Old Absinthe House

ghost houses with bar on the corner of

Old Absinthe House is well known with its bar on the corner. The bar is of course haunting, as well as the drinks and cocktails, which are mixed. The House is often haunted by its most famous regular customers – Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Andrew Jackson, and Jean Lafitte.

Columns hotel

ghost houses former House of tobacco traders Hernsheim

The former owner of the hotel was Simon Hernsheim – a wealthy tobacco merchant. It is known that here a woman in white dress haunts, as well as a girl who is often seen on the balcony and a man who looks after the guests.

Lafitte Guest House

ghost houses Guest House with a baby spirit

Lafitte Guest House is the last of the 8 ghost houses, which we have selected for you. The House ghosts here are a baby who died here and a girl with his mother, who have been ravaged by yellow fever. The guests often hear the crying of the mother and the children, who have stayed in the Lafitte Guest House.

Historic haunted houses – mysterious and charming at the same time

ghost houses hotels and guesthouses

Did you get goose bumps? We already. Now, you know exactly what creepy ghost houses should visit in any case, if you’re in New Orleans.

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