Holidays In September – Where Do You Go In September?

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Many people prefer to take their holidays in September and take short city trips. Some people just want to travel for a long weekend and ask for new places. Shortly before the fall of the autumn the weather in southern Europe is still pleasantly warm, the days rain free and the sun lures to the long stay outside, in the fresh air. Are you looking for peace and relaxation in your September holiday? Do you want to take a long, long-lasting tour of the city in places that are not particularly crowded? Certainly you want to discover something new during your holiday and discover and discover interesting sights? Then you are right here, because we will show you in two successive articles worth seeing city tour destinations in southern Europe. A lot of culture, beautiful nature and great entertainment await you! about beautiful destinations in Northern Europe we have already reported. Now the warm septembermbersonne attracts us and it goes to the southwest! Would you like to join us?

Do not know the Portuguese capital yet? Then your holiday in September just goes there!

Lisbon Place of Trade Attraction

  • Holiday in September in Lisbon, Portugal

For many years, Lisbon was in the shadow of the most preferred destinations Barcelona and Madrid. Now a new golden time for this Portuguese capital begins and it is again the focus of the tourist interest. Lisbon is, without a doubt, a very enchanting metropolis that brings charisma and lively everyday life under a common denominator.

A rich historical heritage is just waiting to be discovered by the numerous city visitors. Here, country traditions are preserved and further developed. In the city center you can see the historical tram lines, which lead through narrow, romantic streets. Ponte 25 de Abril (the bridge of the 25th of April) can be seen from a distance, because it is the distinctive landmark of the Portuguese capital. Right next to this bridge, on the banks of the River Tejo is an imposing monument – the Christo Rei statue. It is built on the model of the famous Christian Order in Rio de Janeiro and is definitely the greatest attraction in Lisbon.

The tower of Belem must be seen

Holiday in September Lisbon

Many tourists come to Lisbon because they have special interest in the history of the country and the whole ancient continent. The Castelo de São Jorge fortress, which dates back to the 11th century, is full of money. Here there is so much history and culture on a 6000 square meter surface that you have enough time to visit the ruins, watchtowers and further excavations. The lively atmosphere of Lisbon can be experienced in the old neighborhoods and on the promenade, where you can enjoy the warm sun and delicious Portuguese desserts in cozy street cafés. First class hotels and restaurants are waiting for their guests and they have a lot to offer. In Lisbon you can fully rely on beautiful weather, as the sun shines around 270 days a year!

Admire the authentic atmosphere of the Portuguese capital with its small streets and old streets

Holiday in September Lisbon 1

  • September holidays in Seville, Spain

Now we go to Spain and want to visit the Andalusian capital of Seville. Especially in September, you will feel like you are in Seville and in summer in Germany. Here you will find an idyllic holiday weather, the sun always shines and the temperatures are also wonderful for a bathing holiday. Apart from a lot of sun, warmth, light and joy of life, Seville still has a lot to offer its tourists. A lot of European history, culture, folklore and colorful parties await the guests. In the city center, every visitor to Seville is impressed by the majestic architecture of the Gothic cathedral (12th century) with its Giralda Tower. The Alcazar Valley, La Tore de Oro (the Gold Tower) and many other medieval monuments were the reason for UNESCO’s decision to declare it a World Cultural Heritage.

The imposing architecture of the cathedral in the city center can impress every guest

Holiday in September Seville Cathedral

In Seville there is a lot of activity during the day and at night. The city is considered to be the birthplace of the Flamenco and offers you many possibilities to experience this passionate dance at interesting places. During your holiday in Seville, you can also taste the Spanish cuisine and learn to love it forever!

In Seville’s september holiday, you can inquire about the city and enjoy yourself

Flamenco dancing women

Treat yourself to a september holiday in Seville and discover the unique taste of the Spanish cuisine

Spanish Kitchen

  • September holidays in Bologna, Italy

For your holiday in September, we chose the Italian university city of Bologna as a third destination in Southern Europe. Situated very romantically at the foot of the Apennines and between the rivers Reno and Savena is the European Capital of Culture of the year 2000 Bologna. Among the most important historical and cultural sights of the city is the oldest university in Europe called La Grassa (the Fats). Its 80,000 students still shape the cityscape today and bring a youthful flair to the medieval city architecture.

The University of Bologna and its library are the oldest in Europe

Bologna's oldest university library in Europe

Piazza del Nettuno (the Neptune’s Fountain) is today in the center of Bologna, but was created in the years 1563-66

Bologna Neptunbrunnen town center

Other splendid monuments to be on your list of the very special monuments in Bologna are the magnificent palaces of Piazza Maggiore, the Basilica of San Petronio, built in 1390 and still unfinished. We recommend you visit the Neptune’s Fountain at Piazza del Nettuno and Palazzo Re Enzo from the 13th century. The list of medieval buildings in Bologna is quite long, so you need to plan your time well so you can see as much of this unique city as possible.

Piazza Maggiore is located in the old part of Bologna

Bologna Piazza Maggiore old district

During your holiday in Bologna, you will definitely have to taste the local cuisine and learn to love it

Tortellini with ricotta and spinach filling

During your September holidays in Italy you have to taste the specialties of the local cuisine. In Bologna, tortellini with ricotta and spinach filling taste the best. Do not miss the chance to visit the Trattoria, where you can enjoy the familial and informal atmosphere of Bologna. Yes, when it comes to culture and cuisine, one feels in this city in the best way!

Well, have you already decided where to spend your holiday in September?

Lisbon and its sights at night

September holidays Lisbon

In the September holiday you can treat yourself to something delicious as dessert


Small Lisbon restaurants are very cozy and offer the best of Portuguese cuisine

Lisbon kitchen

The landmark of Spain is Plaza de Espana in Seville

Landmarks of Spain - piazza Espana in Seville, Andalusia

Plaza de Espana Seville

Plaza de Espana Seville

Panoramic view of the Andalusian capital of Seville

Panoramic view of Andalusian capital Seville

Welcome to Bologna!

San Donato Porta Bologna

The streetcafes invite you to a longer stay outdoors!

Cafe Bologna Holiday in September

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