Iceland Landscape Or Why We Remain Speechless Before The Majesty Of Nature

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Island – paradise rediscovered

Wild Vikings from Norway and Ireland in this small island nation in the North Atlantic is settled in the 9th century. The Icelandic volcanoes played a crucial role in the formation of the land mass of the island and their magical landscape – Iceland is the world’s largest volcanic island and is known worldwide as the land of fire and ice ! Became the capital of Reykjavík in recent years an increasingly popular destination. Near the square, a popular meeting place in the city-dwellers, the Asuturvollur discovered about 200 Cafès, restaurants, discos and much more!

Iceland landscape – a colourful capital city, whose inhabitants are pretty friendly and helpful

Iceland landscape capital

island landscape winter

In addition, the numerous churches, museums and art galleries entice with interesting and extravagant facades for the study of the history of the island and numerous works of art. Contrary to all expectations, let the icy temperatures freeze the country not, but contribute to a breathtaking atmosphere. If you are not afraid of the cold, bravely explore the grounds and enjoy the lovely sight! Welcome to Iceland!

Iceland landscape – the fascinating volcanoes and geysers

Today, there are thirty-one total active volcanoes on island – Hvannadalshnjúkur is erstaulichen 2110 metres high as the largest volcano on the island, Hekla is characterised with the most frequent eruptions however.

Iceland landscape volcanoes

Hvannadalshnjúkur – a true miracle of nature

Hvannadalshnjúkur vulkan island

The geothermal active areas and the numerous geysers are the real symbol of Iceland! These hot springs that emit water in the form of a fountain, were formed by the constant volcanic activity and the resulting complex geological processes and today enjoy quite great interest. The large geyser is the oldest known and active geyser here; every 24 to 30 hours the elegance of water movements is revealed before the eyes of the visitors. Here you can enjoy an attractive and exciting water show – ten meters high is the eruption column!

Iceland landscape – this wonder of nature reminded us of our commitment to the protection and preservation of nature


You can admire the amazing Hot Springs National Park geyser – still at the entrance are by a large cloud of hot steam “is located”! The geysers are viewed not only as a tourist attraction, but their heat energy will be edited and used as heating and heating system. In this way, the whole island is supplied with energy and hot water!

Iceland landscape – glaciers and waterfalls

glacial island

glacier island landscape

The visit of the mysterious Snaefellsjokull will remain stored in your memory forever! The breathtaking glacier lies at the tip of 1446 m high volcano in the National Park! Indeed, this is the starting point of the tour of its protagonists to the center of the Earth, selected by Jules Verne. Due to climate change and the accelerating melting of glaciers, the researchers assume that Snæfellsjökull will disappear completely in the next fifty years.

The Gullfoss waterfall leaves you simply speechless since before the Majesty of nature! The locals refer to him as the Golden waterfall, because the Sun’s rays, which are reflected in the water at sunset, give him different nuances from the Golden palette! With a little luck, you can see also the Rainbow caused by the refraction of sunlight in the water crash! The tallest and the largest waterfall in Europe belong to the picturesque scenery of the island!

Iceland landscape – you are always welcome in this fascinating country!

gulfoss island landscape

The Gullfoss waterfall is worth a visit in any case

gullfoss Iceland

Iceland landscape – if you’re lucky, you see also the Rainbow

Rainbow waterfall island

At sunset, you can enjoy a stunning “water show”

waterfall Sunbeam

Iceland landscape – small island State is a preferred destination of many world famous landscape photographers

island landscape waterfall

island waterfall

Iceland landscape – the Svartifoss waterfall

svartifoss waterfall island

waterfall island

Enjoy some stunning scenery in our gallery!

Just pack your bags and make our way! It is worth!

island lanschaft volcanoes

Iceland lanschaft Volcano area

Iceland landscape – is everything In the summer Green! Although the average temperature of 13 degrees in July, the mercury on hot summer days can rise up to 25 degrees!

island summer

island hot

The northern lights “dance” in the sky during a volcanic eruption!

Northern volcanic island landscape

The Strokkur geyser is located 80 km. located east of Reykjavík

geiser island

strokkur geyser island

geyser island landscape

The Blue Lagoon and the hot water attract thousands of visitors every year – a unique experience is to take a bath here

Iceland hot water

Iceland landscape – a cozy, wintery atmosphere

Main city island island State

The vibrant colors of facade of the houses here ensure for the good mood of city residents and visitors

Iceland landscape

The northern lights! We stay here without comment!

Iceland landscape breathtaking

island landscape northern lightsNorthern lights

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