Indian Cooking – Tasty Indian Dishes For Vegetarians

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Indian cooking Indian food Indian dessert

For vegetarian Indian meals are a treasure chest

One of the countries where the most vegetarians in this world, is India. Indian cooking without meat is very typical. This may have many reasons. Certainly this phenomenon can be explained through culture and faith. At the same time there but also to a wide variety of delicious Indian vegetables, so it can be otherwise, as this to enjoy.

Indian cooking – vegetarian

Indian cooking Indian food vegetarian Poori bhaji

In India, you can see the food as one of the most successful ways to salvation of the soul. That is why have the cooking and the Kullinarie as such a special position in society. They are mediators between the gods and the people. Indian cooking must be so much deep expertise and dedication.

Curry dishes without meat

Indian cooking Indian food vegetarian Thai Curry

Indian vegetables

Indian vegetable represents the base of the diet of many vegetarians in the West. Beans, lentils of different varieties or even chick peas are a part of the weekly menu from the specialized restaurants. India has a long tradition in their varied preparation. This is inexhaustible, what the great culinary recipes to the Indian’s cooking.

Chana Masala

Indian cooking Indian food Chana Masala

Not very known is that one eats a lot of butter in India. Even its use with a certain belief is associated. At the same time, Indian food with much butter is symbol of good lifting. According to the faith, is made by a body cleansing.

Saag Paneer

Indian cooking Indian food vegetarian Saag Paneer fresh spinach

Fresh spinach with cheese

Indian cooking Indian food bread spinach food

Would like on an Indian dessert?

Indian dessert can be found somehow as a variant in a few places in Europe. This one has a very wide variety, which to discard is definitely not here. The desserts are often prepared with dried fruits, paprika, coconut and lentils. To make rice pancakes, which can be eaten both sweet and salty, too.

Many great recipes for Indian desserts are prepared with cardamom . Cashew, raisins and brown sugar are also very often used.

Indian dessert Kulfi with pistachios

Indian cooking Indian food Indian dessert Kulfi

If you are on the ground in India, then they could and should try an Indian dessert out of the hands of the seller itself. Baker and Konditioniere are anywhere close to the temples.

Halva is different than that of the Arabs and the Turks as Indian dessert. Try out. Gulab Djamun is also not to be missed. It’s the Indian dessert made from dough which is long since traveled around the world thanks to its fame. Here an interesting fact: Gulab is the Indian word for rose. Djamun refers to the tree Syzygium jambos. He is the kind of tropical and South Asia is everywhere.


Indian cooking Indian food rice Dhokla

Indian vegetables and drinks

The variety of Indian vegetables and fruit will also help, that you can enjoy many great juices in this country. Nimbu PANI lemonade is the most popular drink there. Alcohol is not very common. In addition to religious restrictions the heat certainly also plays a role. Tea is more popular than coffee. There are some species of Palm trees, whose Blätter are chewed in order to improve their own digestion.

Refreshing drink made of yogurt and milk – cardamom Lassi

Indian cooking Indian drinks cardamom Lassi

Certainly, you have seen that taking Indian food with fingers to himself. It is important that this happens with your right hand.

You can write even twice as much of the treasures of Indian cuisine! Or a hundred times! But hopefully we have now at least your appetite stimulated and aroused your curiosity… Because that was the point here!

Indian cooking – take the challenge!

Indian cooking Indian food vegetarian soup

Potato stew, but according to Indian art

Indian cooking Indian food vegetarian Paneer

Spinach Palak Dal

Indian cooking Indian food vegetarian spinach Palak Dal

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