Indian Food – Bosonerheiten Of Indian Cuisine

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Indian cooking Indian food bread rice

The peculiarities of the Indian food at a glance

If you can’t enjoy an unknown or simply exotic cuisine, it is usually because you took not the right approach to this. If you mentally prepares for the special features, these represent a bad shock. You make one rather curious.

Therefore, take the right setting to successfully go through the adjustment period. Then you discovered a new world, which is a much better and more exciting opportunity out of the food.

Enjoy Indian food – Asian cuisine!

Indian cooking Indian food with spinach

When it comes to Indian cooking, then this holds with the utmost of your power. So have you had none or only unsuccessful attempts to get closer to the Indian cuisine? If so, let us together once again find the correct way to do this.

Traditional Indian dishes

Indian cooking Indian food Dal lentil soup bread naan

The history of Indian cuisine

Indian culture is already more than three millennia. The two are most widespread religions – Hinduism and Islam for the eating habits in addition to the natural resources. Their restrictions have made the Indian food but varied. By waiving certain meats and products, one this was challenged to discover an abundance of vegetables, spices and sauces.

European and Arab influences on Indian cuisine

Indian cooking Indian food Karahi Paneer

The mix of peoples and cultures has helped that many preparation methods were assimilated. The Europeans also have left positive traces. The Portuguese have added to the diversity of Indian vegetables by the peppers. Thanks to the British, also the pudding among the Indian desserts. But essentially the character of Indian cuisine has been influenced by the Mongols.

Indian lentil soup served with rice

Indian cooking Indian food rice lentil soup

Indian food is par excellence the manifold

The Indian food not liked, no matter from what culture it originates, in a sense represents a paradox. Because there are usually great many flavors and aromas are mixed. So, more considered, have the chance somewhere to find a familiar taste in every Indian meal. Use it as a support when entering this new cuisine.

The Europeans are accustomed to a clear separation of the food. You are still far behind when mixing the spices and ingredients.

The Indian cuisine is as diverse

Indian cooking traditional Indian food

Indian cooking is always accompanied by bread and rice

No matter what to Cook, it must be accompanied with the Indians of the traditional bread and rice. It would be difficult to determine what is actually eaten. The varieties are in manifold. The traditional bread baking recipes are prepared with flour, called “Ata”. The naan is also very popular. It runs with yogurt. These two types are prepared in the oven. There is also a type of bread Chapati, which is fried. In the form reminds it of the Pitta which we know from the Arab and Indian snacks.

Indian bread Chapati

Indian cooking Indian food bread Chapati

Thin crispy bread from lentil-flour Papadum

Indian cooking Indian food Rogan Josh lamb Curry

Meat dish with rice

Indian cooking Indian food rice chicken curry

Indian cooking to the Nordic type

Like any large country also India has large differences by region. In the North, to eat much meat, such as Chapati or naan. Such Indian food is often more to the liking of the Europeans. Here also grain cultures and yogurt Curry are very common. They are popular in all over India. Even the fish are common.

Meat dishes from northern India

Indian cooking Indian food mushrooms butter Masala

Indian vegetable dish with naan bread served

Indian cooking Indian food bread Baingan Bharta

Meat potato dish with bread and yogurt

Indian cooking Indian food bread yogurt

Learn more about the Indian cuisine – vegetarian dishes, desserts and drinks

Indian cooking Indian food Indian dessert Kulfi

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