Italy Travel Destinations – Dream Cities In Italy For The Holidays By The Sea

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Italy travel destinations – beautiful ideas for your holiday at the sea

In Italy, there’s a lot of history and culture, stunning works of art and unreal beautiful landscapes. At all – there are so many reasons to make a dream trip there. The accent falls on the culture, history and religion. The fashion, the gastronomy and the good Italian wine are other reasons to fall in love in Italy.

We in Italy visit Italy travel destinations – which cities should, if you want a nice holiday by the sea?

numana Italy destinations vacation

Against the backdrop of all these treasures landscapes of the sea then often advised in the background. While Italy has so much to offer also in this respect…

Acireale, Sicily

Sicily is known for its seductive beaches there. But this destination is very special.

The beaches of Acireale are no sand, but only stones. Not the best place to be long on the beach, but if you highly appreciate the aesthetic enjoyment of the sea, then you are right here.

Italy fallen out destinations – beach with stones instead of sand

Italy destinations Acireale Sicily destinations


There is also the island of Lampedusa in Sicily. Under the pelagie Islands, this is the biggest of them all. Lampedusa is to Italy, but geographically it is part of Africa. It is only 70 km away from Tunisia. The island was a maritime base for the ancient Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians and Arabs. The so-called Rabbit Island, which represents a popular nature reserve is located south of Lampedusa.

The Lampedusa Island

Italy destinations Lampedusa Aotearoa

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea. They were formed after a volcanic eruption. Of all eight, Lupari is the largest and the most visited. Its attractions include a castle, a fortress and the local Cathedral. In the western part of the island, there are mineral baths and fountains. There are quarries for seven stone, lava, and black volcanic rock in the North.

Visit holiday by the sea, the Aeolian Islands

Italy destinations Liparian Islands destinations

Aegadian Islands

White houses, of which from the prospect opened the blue expanse of sea – this is the realized dream for many people. The Egadi Islands are a group of islands which offers an interesting landscape to all tourists. The combination of forest and sea is fascinating here. The largest island is called Favignana, and the smallest – Levanzo.

Forest and sea combine beautifully to the Egadi Islands

Italy destinations Aegadian Islands vacation travel

Wall paintings from the Paleolithic and the Neolithic period can be found in the caves of the island. The Islands can be reached from Trapani, a village located in the North of Sicily.

Santa Cesarea Terme

The province of Puglia is one which is less known in Italy. The Italians considered the paradise of clean beaches and transparent, crystal clear sea water. This is one of the most idyllic places in the Adriatic Sea. She was very much visited in 18.Jahrhundert by aristocrats from all over Europe.

The province of Puglia in Italy

dream travel Italy Ostuni puglia vacation travel


Otranto – an originally Greek settlement, which bore the name of Hydruntum is located in the province. In history, this Hellenic Community noted that she fought alongside of Rome against Pyrrhus and Hannibal.  She was for many years under the ownership of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and was occupied by Napoleon.

Otranto – a beautiful city in Italy

dream travel otranto Italy sea green


This is one of the quietest corners in the Adriatic. The village is not as well known as Rimini and Ravenna, but their character and beauty are quite equivalent. Less wealthy than Tuscany and still full of art treasures has much yet to offer the province of Ancona in the Marche region.

Numana could be your next destination in Italy

dream travel Italy holidays numana

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