Lake Balaton – Picturesque Landscapes, You Should Definitely Visit

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Balaton nature summer flowers meadow

The lovely Lake Balaton in Hungary

In the middle of Europe there are several lakes that are so big that one can compare these places with a sea. These include certainly also Lake Balaton. It is located in Hungary and anyone who has seen him time and lives in Europe, would have to go.

A magical and mystical environment

The whole environment has a fabulous, yes you would have to say, even mystical character. The here distributed small villages and historic towns, as well as the dark but wonderful forests make this. No wonder that many centuries numerous fictional legends about Lake Balaton are spread. You would also be tempted to invent one, if you would spend even longer time here.

A magical world unto itself

Balaton mystical magical forest villages

A church at the bottom of Lake Balaton

According to a legend, there is a church at the bottom of Lake Balaton. For countless years, a wonderful beauty flow many tears there. Probably, their tears fill the entire Lake. Unfortunately, according to this legend, the purity of water resting on your tears. As long as she grieves over their beloved, the Lake will be very clear and clean.

Vineyards are very typical of the area

Balaton Badacsony vineyards agriculture mountains

Geographical data

Do you love the various geographical data? If so, then we have some for you. Lake Balaton is situated in the middle of the Danube plain. The culture that has developed around this, shows many similarities with the Mediterranean. No wonder, because the dynasty of the Habsburgs has copied from much of this region and uploaded it. Their territories were the first who have taken over the Renaissance architectural style and expression in all the other arts to Italy.

The Benedictine monastery on the peninsula of Tihany

Balaton Tihany Benedictine Abbey

Lake Balaton is the largest in Europe. The length is about 80 km and the width – 15 km. The average depth is three metres, but in some places reach even 11 meters. There are very fine sand at the bottom of Lake Balaton. The rays of the Sun can heat thus the water super well. Thanks to the large area and the Mediterranean climate, the water temperature is sometimes higher than the air. The shores of the Lake are about 197 km long. The atmosphere in the area is lively and cheerful.

Caribbean flair in the heart of Europe

Balaton Harbour boats

Long walks on the shore

Balaton Lake Park promenade

Paradise for yacht lovers

Balaton yacht ride sea

You will find here also first-class golf courses

Balaton Lake landscape forest field villages

Particularly charming are the blue hours

Balaton sea night impression

Romantic sunset over Lake Balaton

Balaton Lake romantic beautifully natural sunset

Valuable moisture on warm summer days

Balaton summer bathing

The proud Castle of Szigliget

Balaton Lake of Szigliget Castle Balaton

Magnificent panorama with volcanic mountains

Balaton landscape mountains volcanoes

Magical in winter

Balaton Lake winter landscape panorama

Breathtaking views as far as the eye can see

Balaton beautiful panorama

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