Last Minute Bulgaria Now Finding Travel!

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last minute old town Sozopol Bulgaria

Experience a great last minute Bulgaria travel

Europe has many countries with diverse cultures. Without exception, they are great destinations. From today we start therefore to publish a series of articles about it. So, you will have the chance to meet also little-known travel places. You have no doubt also a lot to offer.

If you have this setting, you could today take a virtual tour of Bulgaria with us and treat yourself to some amazing experiences. Would you like it?

Fairytale landscape in the Balkan mountains

last minute Bulgaria Balkan landscape

The old town of Sozopol in southeastern

last minute old town Sozopol Bulgaria

Ancient culture

A trip to Bulgaria can be simply fascinating for people who are interested in ancient history. In addition to the ancient Greeks, who lived in the Balkan peninsula, there are traces of Thracian culture. The THRACIANS worshipped like gods, and shared many of the beliefs of their neighbors. But they had their own language, art, and social order.

The fabulous treasures of the THRACIANS

last minute Bulgaria gold silver treasure

The gold treasure of Panagurischte

last minute Bulgaria of Golden Thracian treasure

You had left behind magnificent temples, art objects and gold treasures, among others. These and the well developed tools and inventions that have set for the beautification of their everyday lives in use, are the oldest in their kind in many areas. Some pieces of jewellery show preparation, with technology that one not to emulate creates these days also with the modern technologies.

The legacy of the Romans – the ancient theatre in Plovdiv

last minute Bulgaria Plovdiv ancient theatre Roman

Great and varied nature

Bulgaria is a country, you can travel from one within one to two weeks up to the other end. During a tour of Bulgaria you will visit many interesting places to visit and work. The Rhodope Mountains is the name of the most beautiful mountains, which is located partly in Greece and Turkey. With this mountain, it is connected to the legend of Orpheus. He is supposed to have lived here, and it is believed that his spirit is still here somewhere moving. Pirin and RILA mountains complement the fabulous mountain landscape in Bulgaria. You entice many tourists for hiking in summer and skiing in the winter.

The freakish rocks in Belogradchik

last minute Bulgaria rocks Belograd4ik

The fortress of Tsar Asen II in the Rhodope Mountains

last minute Bulgaria Rhodopa fortress Church

The National Park RILA

last minute Bulgaria RILA Mountain National Park

Roughly through the middle of the country, Stara Planina runs mountain, also known as the Balkans. The entire Balkan peninsula was named after this mountain range. Strandja mountain is located in the southeast of the country and shows beautiful landscapes and nature images.

The people, the food, the everyday life

If you are looking for authentic experiences, then discovering such in Bulgaria! This is true both for food and for dealing with people, and for all other areas of life. For this should go however slightly away from the big cities and the most popular holiday resorts. Today, small villages, towns, ethnographic centres, finds itself and not detected in the major travel guides, are the real treasures of Bulgaria.

Necessarily try picked tomatoes during the high season, as well as home-made cheese from a small courtyard. It is really worth!

Admire the rich, Bulgarian folklore

last minute Bulgaria Folklortänze costumes costumes

According to Bulgarian art try bean soup

last minute Bulgaria bean soup traditionally

The cabbage rolls are one of the national dishes in Bulgaria

last minute Bulgaria cabbage Peppers

The traditional puff pastry with cheese filling – Banitsa

last minute Bulgaria dough speciality Banitsa

Major cities and holiday resorts

The advantage of the cities and of the popular travel places is that the most important historical and cultural museums are there. Every visit to this cultural sites worth, here you can learn a lot about the Bulgarian history. Necessarily benefit. Many small providers which offer great unique excursions can be found in the Bulgarian resorts. Often these village tourism and historical attractions include. Ask at your hotel reception or trust someone else locally, which travel companies have the most interesting offers. You can make a small detour inland or take a 3-day trip to Istanbul.

The Tsarevets fortress in the ancient capital of Veliko Tarnovo

last minute Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo Tsarevets

The Cathedral of Alexander Nevski in Sofia

last minute Bulgaria Sofia Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The typical architecture of the Renaissance in the old town of Plovdiv

last minute Bulgaria Plovdiv's old town revival House

Quiet village in the Rhodope Mountains

last minute Bulgaria Rhodopa mountain

Cyrillic learning

Bulgaria is home to the Cyrillic alphabet. From here it was in medieval Russia further brought to and recorded there as official script. It would be helpful if you would learn how to read this font. This could be quite useful for orientation with addresses, cities, and for other purposes. The number of letters is approximately greater than in Latin, however, as some think, the Cyrillic spelling is not so difficult.

Monastery of Saint Dimitar near the town of Veliko Tarnovo

last minute Bulgaria Monastery

Masterful mural according to Christian Orthodox tradition

last minute murals Christian Orthodox Bulgaria

The dreamy monastery Glojen

last minute Bulgaria monastery Glojdenski

The largest monastery in Bulgaria is located in RILA mountains

last minute Bulgaria Rila Monastery

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