Michelin Star Restaurants – The Gourmet’s Paradise

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Michelin star restaurants around the world

Michelin star restaurants – so was the well-known restaurant chain!

January and February are the months in which one must – take into account most own well-being physically as well as mentally. The weather outside is unpleasant, dark most of the time, but from a psychological point of view, both months represent a new beginning. Bring many fluctuations and doubts with him.

That’s why you should feel particularly entitled during these winter months, to devote more time. This includes all kind of indulgence that lead one to find special and extremely happy.

Michelin star restaurants

Michelin star restaurants worldwide shield logo

Here is our proposal: take a pleasurable experience and realize it in January and February! It should be something that pleases the senses. So you’re in the dark months of the year in the best mood. When you reach it – the rest of the year is certainly perfectly for you.

If the taste experience with dishes of the highest class could be connected, then the Michelin star visit one restaurants! Combine the best with a trip. Below you can find more info about…

So it all started…

Michelin star restaurants first-class food cooking

Michelin star restaurants – the history

Many people are actually wondering why you must go exactly in Michelin star restaurants. What distinguishes them from the other, and how can you be sure that this is not simply a very successful marketing strategy. Are a Michelin star restaurants really the best?

Instead of a dry argument we have decided, to tell you the story of the restaurant chain. We think that this can help very much continue to believe that their real value.


Michelin star restaurants menu

Everything begins in 1900. The first guide by André Michelin published. The author wanted to actually popularize Trailering and thereby to promote his business. So, he has published a list of the best restaurants in which you had to visit.

In this book, they found much information which was referring directly to technical questions and each driver of the use was.

Behind the scenes

Michelin star restaurants luxury cooking

Where drivers could get accommodation and good food in France proved no less important however. This was a very careful and critical selection. This proves the fact that attending a special “Restaurants” by separate selection. As a symbol, it has implemented the Star then in 1923. So, you wanted to point out that good cuisine. Several Michelin star restaurants were then two and after the years of 1930 provide three stars. The image of this directory is that you can have confidence on objectivity at the highest level. That has not changed practically until today.


Michelin star restaurants superb dining specialties

Desserts for food-lovers

Michelin star restaurants worldwide dessert

The best Michelin star restaurants in the world

The best Michelin star restaurants of around the world categorizes each year. According to the classification for 2014, you have the unique opportunity to visit the Michelin restaurants easier.

Now we have so many Michelin star restaurants like never before. After France, Germany is the country with most of it now. Here are the best: restaurant crossing Christian Jürgens, Bareiss restaurant Schwarzwaldstube

More information here:


Luxury atmosphere in a Michelin star restaurant

Michelin star restaurants interior design luxury atmosphere

Comfortable and raised

Michelin star restaurants interior design

Stylish interior design ideas

Michelin star restaurants luxury interior design floral

Classic interior design and cosy atmosphere

Michelin star restaurants Barcelona interior design luxury atmosphere

Small but nice!

Michelin star restaurants specialties

Gourmet food

Michelin star restaurants specialties chums

Delicacies with mussels

Michelin star restaurants worldwide shells first-class food

Treat for the eyes

Michelin star restaurants worldwide first-class food

Get pampered in Michelin star restaurants

Michelin star restaurants first-class food


Michelin star restaurants Cophenhagen first-class food

Main dish

Michelin star restaurants first-class cuisine

At last

Michelin star restaurants first-class cuisine

Hustle and bustle in the kitchen

Michelin star restaurants in the kitchen

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