Oktoberfest Munich 2014 – The Feast Of The Beer At The Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival attractions tents

The big Oktoberfest in Munich

You have maybe a week end of September or beginning of October and imagine just a short trip, so easy for 5-6 days to drive from home and have great fun! Yes? We can suggest a great destination! Come to Munich! The popular Oktoberfest begins this year on September 20 and lasts until October 5. You have plenty of time to organise your short break. It is definitely worth!

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 – travel to Bavaria and celebrate with!

Oktoberfest Munich of 2014 Bavarian flag pretzel of beer

The Oktoberfest in Munich is one of the largest folk festivals of in Germany. It looks back on a long tradition, it is said, the Beer Festival will be held in 1810 here! It is organized every year on the Theresienwiese in Munich and visited by some six million people from around the world.

A beer festival with a long tradition

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 of beer

Six beer mugs in hand

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beerfest accountancy service

A mug of beer

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival a mug of beer beer mug

The lifeblood of the Oktoberfest is beer! About 7 million liters of beer will be served again! The Munich breweries BREW a special beer specially for the Oktoberfest, it is called Oktoberfest Märzen. It has more original Wort and hence a higher alcohol content (around 6-7%). Marquees are built on the vast area of the Theresienwiese, which covers 42 acres, for the numerous visitors of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival. There are Weisswurst eating, drinking lots of beer, while Sung and geschunkelt, ever there is always colorful and amusing! Outside on the Meadow historical rides and other historical attractions such as a Steckerlfischbraterei, a Whirligig or a sugar truce present themselves. Most German visitors appear on the Oktoberfest in traditional dress, which is also interesting for the other guests. Here you can see the typical Bavarian Drindl-dresses for the women and many men wear leather pants.

The Ferris wheel and other attractions at the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Katharinenwiese attractions Ferris wheel

The Theresienwiese in Munich during Oktoberfest

2014 Munich Oktoberfest Beer Festival Oktoberfest

6 million visitors at the Oktoberfest, the seats are usually scarce. An ongoing issue for all the guests of Oktoberfest is the reservation of tables in the large beer tents on the festival grounds.

We have a good tip for you: order here successfully a coveted Oktoberfest to snag a table, you have to ask to at an early stage at the Oktoberfest-Wirten. Because requests for so-called tickets can be made only directly to the respective hosts of the Oktoberfest tents. They awarded the tables and seating has always been on their own.

Festival tents at the Oktoberfest

2014 Munich Oktoberfest Beer Festival Oktoberfest atmosphere

Oktoberfest tent reservations

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Katharinenwiese beer tent

Hacker – tent

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival Oktoberfest beer tent hacker Pschorr

The atmosphere in the beer tent

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival beer tent Theresienwiese

Traditional dishes at the Oktoberfest

2014 Munich Oktoberfest Beer Festival Ochsenbraterei

Delicious pretzels

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival Oktoberfest atmosphere pretzel

Insider for a few more tips for the Oktoberfest in Munich:

-Never ask for a small beer! Since there is no small beer, which is seen by the most waitresses as fun and you will be ignored.

-The large beer tents close already around 23: 00 and the “last round” must be ordered already at 22:30.

-In the “Hofbräu – tent” sounds just before the “last round” “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. Good care, otherwise, you will hear your chance for a last beer there!

-If you have heard the “last round”, you get from alcohol in the Wine tent until 01:00.

-The Maß beer costs between 9.40 and EUR 9.85 – be not so frustrated. Chicken and thrill rides want to be also taken into account. So share your money well! If you’re “drunk”, the money can go easily through the cloth!

O’zapft is! As they say in Bavaria!

Wishing you a good journey to Munich and have fun at the Oktoberfest 2014!

O’zapft is!

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 O taps into is

For the good!

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival a mug of beer price

Oktoberfest gingerbread heart

Oktoberfest Munich of 2014 Bavarian gingerbread heart Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest Munich 2014 on the Walker

Winzerer Fähndl marquee

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Winzerer Fähndl

Löwenbräu – Festhalle

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Löwenbräu beer festival Marquee

In the colors of Bavaria

Oktoberfest Munich 2014 Beer Festival beer tent Ochsenbraterei