On The Water And Around The World – World Travel Times Differently

How do you imagine your world travel?

Want your vacation or your trip around the world to be incredibly fascinating? Then opt for an exciting topic and look for towns that fall well in it!

Today we have a proposal for you. We will show you some beautiful cities all over the world, which have a distinctive character as a result, that water flows through them. Yes, Venice is certainly the first thing that comes to many. But there are many more beautiful places of its kind!

A world travel from a unique perspective

world travel of wektreisen ganvie benin3Giethoorn, Holland

Giethoorn is a village in the Netherlands, there is currently about 2600 people. The village is but beautifully, she is called “Venice of the North”.  As soon as you get there, you feel like in a fairy tale. The village is in a conservation area and is situated on the banks of an 8 km long Canal.

The houses stand on heights and have Reed roofs, which reinforced the romantic atmosphere of the village. Many wood bridges connecting both banks of the village Canal. Last but not least, enjoy this charming accommodation.

First halt Giethoorn in the Netherlands

world travel wektreisen giethoorn-Netherlands

world travel wektreisen giethoorn niederlande2

Suzhou, China

This is a Chinese city, which is located in the province of Jiangsu. It is traversed by many channels, some of which are very broad, and others with the mass of a small lane.

A floating life in Chinese way

world travel wektreisen suzhou china3

world travel wektreisen suzhou china

Annecy, France

Many call this city “Venice of the Alps”. The naming is also very fitting, because the structure of the city actually is similar to that of Italian. But this French dream town is located in the beautiful mountains.

Lovely and romantic, so as the French can best

world travel wektreisen annecy France 1

world travel wektreisen annecy France 1Venedig, Italy

The most famous city in the world, which is crossed by canals, called Venice. From here you can reach easily some beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea.

This fantastic city has to be seen

world travel Venice Italy

world travel wektreisen Venice italien2Ganvie, Benin

This is a large city in Africa. It has about 20000 people. Tourists and locals admire a specific landscape, which is situated on a lake. He wears the name of Nokoué.

Africa surprised to

world travel wektreisen ganvie benin

The water passages that you can admire in Benin

world travel of wektreisen ganvie benin2Brügge, Belgium

This city is located in the largest province of the country, and namely West Flanders. Not only the channels, but also the small cobbled streets are very typical for them.

See Bruges or / and die, as the film implies

world tour brugge belgium wektreisenBangkok, Thailand

“Venice of the East”, so called this city. It is located on the Chao Phraya River. The boat is the best means of transport, with which you can visit the city and enjoy.

Legendary and breathtaking – the Thai capital and Hanseatic City

world travel wektreisen nakok thailandStockholm, Sweden

In the capital of Sweden, there are 14 islands and 50 bridges.  The largest channel complex named Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen. It has been convenient for tourists and leads to the Vasa Museum.

The charm of Scandinavia

world travel wektreisen stockholmHamburg, Germany

Maybe you will be surprised when you learn that Hamburg together has more bridges than Venice, London and Amsterdam. You are more than 2500. You can reach the various places of the city afloat.

The largest and most beautiful Ocean Pearl

world travel wektreisen hamburg GermanyKo Panyi, Thailand

What is a fishing village and therefore it is right on the water. There is also a very well developed tourism. There be many tourists who are staying in the neighboring town of Phuket.

A recommendation to the Thai lovers

world travel wektreisen ko panyi thailandUtrecht, Netherlands

Oudergracht is the name of the most famous Canal in Utrecht. He runs through the Centre of the city. Earlier there were many shops along its banks, but they have been replaced now for the most part by restaurants and Cafés.

You can return to Holland again

world travel wektreisen utrechtBirmingham, England

The broad canal system was built up during the industrial revolution. Today it is used mostly for tourist purposes.

The representative atmosphere of the English Harbour

world travel wektreisen birmingham englandWuzhen, China

Wuzhen is one of the ancient cities, which are located along the Yangtze River. The best time for a visit is between March and may. Then, the fog, which is typical for this time of year, especially mystic and charming makes the city you want to.

Always worth a journey through China

world travel wektreisen wuzhen china

world travel wektreisen suzhou china2Kerala, India

Kerala is located in South Eastern of India. There’s a network of the backwater. It includes four large lakes. Here, many luxurious cruise ships pass.

Be fascinated by Kerala fully

world tour kerala india wektreisenCan tho, Viet Nam

Can tho is located on the southern shore of the River House. The famous floating markets are on this.

A small excursion to Viet Nam

world travel wektreisen can tho vietnam

world travel wektreisen nakok thailand 2

world travel wektreisen annecy France 3