Sandwich Recipes From All Over The World – How It Is Rolls Right

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Sandwich recipes for your lunch break from around the world

Prefer to eat a sandwich in your lunch break? If so, then we all know exactly how much imagination and effort can it cost so it varied eats along the way.

But it is worth. In warm months, now arriving, one wants to enjoy prefer somewhere outside a sandwich for lunch? It averse even the half hour in the afternoon in a closed room spend, or?

How do other countries?

sandwich recipes Italy sandwiches

After a short deliberation, how we should best proceed when the sandwich recipes, we opted for an “international overview”. That is, we want today recipes from around the world show sandwich we have put together for you.


sandwich recipes from around the world sandwiches

Sandwich recipe from Viet Nam

Do you sometimes feel like Vietnamese? You need thinly sliced, fried pieces of pork. Vegetables with cilantro and jalapenos would include.

Vietnamese sandwiches

sandwich recipes Viet Nam Vietnamese hotdog sandwiches

Banh MI is the Vietnam essische sandwich

sandwich recipes Viet Nam Banh MI

…oder from Turkey

When it comes to a sandwich recipe from Turkey, it must not necessarily be a fat dad. You could wrap something itself, which contains fewer products. So you have a light lunch which is also very tasty and healthy.

Once Turkish Doner, please!

sandwich recipes Malta döner kebab with lamb

Yufka Doner

sandwich recipes Malta döner kebab Yufkadöner

Sandwich recipe from Mexico

If there is talk to sandwich recipes, you should draw inspiration also from the Mexican kitchen. This is good for those days on which you want to enrich your body with healthy nutrients. Bring different types of meat, cheese, avocado and onion on the table.

Sandwich recipes from Latin America

sandwich recipes Mexoko sandwich with avocado bell pepper

Sandwich with avocado

sandwich recipes Mexoko fast food with avocado

Or make a culinary trip to Colombia

White bread is an own choice in most of the other recipes. But in this case you should use on maize flour. That is healthy and is just typical for this kitchen. Otherwise, the taste would not so authentic fail.

Colombian sandwich with corn bread

sandwich recipes Colombia Meisbrot with avocado and bean sandwiches

Avocado, cucumber and corn bread

sandwich recipes Colombia Meisbrot with avocado sandwiches

Sandwich recipe in Japanese

This is simple! You need to FRY on a medium-thick piece of meat (lean meat is preferable) and enjoy it with mayonnaise and mustard between two slices of bread!

Japanese tradition

sandwich recipes Japan Japanese tradition sandwiches

Sandwich recipe from Canada

We move the North American art now by the end of the world to the sandwich recipes. It should taste even Canadian, then if rye bread with spicy meat, mustard and sour or simple cucumbers (choose depending on the season) combining.

Rye bread with meat, vegetables and mustard is eaten in Canada

sandwich recipes Canada fast food food and drink

Indian sandwich

There are many recipes from India. We want to make today your attention on a special. This one combines sweet bread with two potato dinner.

Indian sweet bread with potatoes

sandwich recipes India Getostet with potatoes sweet bread sandwiches

Sandwich recipe from Cuba

Have you even wondered what a sandwich recipe from Cuba should look like? Already and here is the answer: pork roast of, cheese, and some pickles and mustard can be put between two slices of bread. Toasting and already have a deli sandwich recipe for your lunch.

Cuban delicacies for the small hunger

sandwich recipes Cuba fast food recipes snack sandwiches


Recipes from Venezuela include sandwich in addition to delicious breads, meats, cheese, avocado and bananas! You must really try it out. On a busy day, so a sandwich would improve your mood guaranteed.

A delicious sandwich recipe from Venezuela

sandwich recipes Venezuela with avocado and banana


Sandwich recipes from this country are mostly healthy and include fish. No wonder, then, that live there according to statistics the happiest people around the world. Rye bread with butter represents the base. Often lean meat pies come. Salmon, boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes and diverse varieties of cheese.

What is eaten in the North Sea countries?

sandwich recipes North Sea countries Denmark slices of bread with fish salmon sandwiches

Sandwiches with salmon and prawns

sandwich recipes North Sea countries Denmark slices of bread with salmon shrimp boiled egg sandwiches

Frankreich…so easy to prepare and so delicious

If it must be fast and very tasty but also healthy, one should learn from the French. Lubricate delicious bread with butter. Take this lean ham and some French cheese to lubricate a sour cucumbers. Get ready!

Baguette with butter

sandwich recipes France butter lubricating baguette

Then add ham, cheese, pickled cucumbers and lettuce

sandwich recipes France butter ham sour pickles

… And the Panini from Italy

Our sandwich recipes, we were to stop the Italian Panini in no case. Include also ham, but the Italian way, and again some cheese, in this case.

Caprese ciabatta with green pesto

sandwich recipes Italy Caprese ciabatta pesto

Italian panini sandwiches

sandwich recipes Italy panini sandwich sandwiches

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