Sights Of Budapest – A Capital City And Much More

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Budapest sights travel holidays Hungary

Budapest attractions – enjoy a wonderful journey through the city

Hungary is not a large country, and it is not particularly rich in attractions. However, these are notable and have a very high historical and cultural value.

Budapest is located on the Danube

Budapest tourist attractions of the Danube bridge

Beautiful buildings can be seen in Budapest

Budapest sightseeing fishing towers destinations

There are in general many beautiful castles in Hungary. What is little known is that the Renaissance – actually only here has taken architecture of Italy from all other points in Europe foot. Here and in the Slovakia, but was at the time under the rule of the Habsburgs. Budapest is well characterized by this historical and art-historical.

The city largely owes its absolutely incomparable charm this

attractions Budapest capital city Hungary visit

Beautiful views of the city

Budapest sights of beautiful views of the city

The city of Budapest and its attractions

We imagine that you have a weekend for the city breaks. In our opinion, you should have enough time for the main attractions of Budapest and also for the silent sitting in restaurant and Cafés. Because now very seriously: what is for now a city without this unique pleasure? You want to feel but the spirit of the city… Actually only the latter would be enough many people.

Visit the Heroes square in Budapest

attractions Budapest Heroes square visit

A Catholic University with modern architecture

Budapest sights Catholic University Peter Pazmany

With ship along the Danube

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities on the Danube. According to the opinion of many tourists even the most beautiful. That’s why you should take necessarily time and treat yourself to a romantic experience with a small ship.

The city is located on both sides of the Danube River

Budapest attractions panoramic views of the Danube

Enjoy a beautiful cruise ship

attractions Budapest of Danube

The chain bridge in Budapest

Can be time to hang around in the literal sense of the word at the chain bridge between Buda and pest – the two parts of the city. Széchenyi Lánchíd called this landmark in Hungarian.

The chain bridge

attractions Budapest chain bridge holiday travel

Fisher towers

The Fisher towers are also the most striking sights in the capital city of Hungary. From here, you can watch wonderful Budapest. You will also view the Hungarian Parliament building. Fishermen do not meet here however.

Visit the Fischer towers

Budapest sightseeing fishing towers visiting

Treat yourself to a beautiful journey through the city

sights of Buda hills Budapest

Parliament building – the Hungarian Parliament

You would have to visit also this landmark in the capital city of Hungary. This is one of the most beautiful buildings of its kind in Europe. It can be visited by tourists.

The Parliament building is simply fascinating

attractions Budapest visit Parliament

The Parliament at night

attractions Budapest Parliament at night

The Buda hills

The hills of Buda, or as Budawar are known, places where you will rise above the vanity of the city and the world. Be sure take the opportunity to do so. Also you can see the beautiful city from the bird’s eye view again. There, you can visit the beautiful castle, which represents a unique historical and aesthetic design for themselves.

Visit the beautiful hills of Buda

Budapest sights the hills of Buda visiting

The thermal baths

Budapest attractions also include the thermal baths. There are a number of those who are rich. But the most we would recommend you Scezesny. It is the most popular and well known and this is clearly right. You should look at, if you are there, the tables. Because the thermal baths all have a different temperature. The ignorance could end quite badly.

Szent Istvan Basilica Budapest is another sight in the Hungarian capital, which you should know. In addition to the relics and their sightseeing, you could climb the Tower also. From there, you can see a wonderful view.

The Szent István Basilica

attractions Budapest, Szent Istvan Basilica

What mustn’t you miss in Budapest?

Even Mátyás templom (Church of Matthias) belong to other attractions in the capital city of Hungary. This is not only beautiful. It is also a central point in the musical life of the city. The Margit island is certainly worth visiting. It is located on the Danube, between Margit and Arpad bridges. Then you should visit the wheel in the City Park, as well as the Zoo and the Botanical Garden. In the latter, you will experience many beautiful butterflies.

The Matthias Church

Budapest attractions visit Matthias Church

The shopping in Budapest, the cuisine and night life are worthwhile. So, in short, Budapest is to worth a visit all year round!

Most of the buildings in the town impress with their architecture

Budapest sights building beautiful Ourdoor

Enjoy the beauty of Budapest

attractions Budapest visit beautiful

Visit the Zoo in Budapest

attractions Budapest Zoo visit

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