Sustainable Tourism – Beautiful Nature And Cultures Discover

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Sustainable tourism – the wave of the green future

In recent years, the tourism sector has developed rapidly and has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy around the world. This dynamism made him a natural factor worldwide always seriously taken important policy decisions. There is no doubt, he will play a fundamental role in the social and economic development of many countries.

Environment and culture

Tourism is a tool of the economy to some extent. He’s got potential and power. However, as the latter are just used on the people themselves, in whose hands are the decisions on politics and economics. You can use this to present the nature and the culture of the own countries in a responsible manner. That’s certainly sustainable tourism. But you can subordinate completely the wishes of tourists and their entertainment, by doing everything, so that they are happy during their short holiday stay, even if this is in the long term at the expense of nature and the local people.

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What is a sustainable tourism?

Sometimes it is easier to explain a thing by one first explaining what it is not. So, it is probably in our case. There’s lots of stuff that isn’t sustainable tourism. It would be impossible and pointless now to list all these. We give you some examples, and from this you would probably be able to distinguish the “worse” variant the main principle.

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Suffering animals and climate

In many areas, the climate changes in the coastal area, because it built on the coast with tall buildings. The fresh breeze penetrates deeper. Drought occurs in these regions and high temperatures there are a must.

Many animals, about the turtles die out, because your little ones, in time can find their way to the sea after the breaking of the eggs. You prevent this excessive lighting on the coast.

Also of the eggs of turtles are destroyed by horse riding on the beach, which is popular as often. Animals swallow sometimes bags in the or at sea and smother it very quickly.

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The culture

Culture is brought to an easier-to-understand, yet very surface-form, because it is way easier to “Digest”. But this twisted the actual character of the cultural heritage. Thus it is lost much faster.

Green economy

Sustainable tourism in turn has been identified as one of the 10 sectors of the economy, which could contribute to a green economic development. Properly driven he ensures among other things that highly educated and cosmopolitan, practitioners on multi-language people in this industry are engaged. It offers a product which has a high intellectual and cultural value. Alone their creation has an educational effect for everyone involved.

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The keywords that we find are the harmony with nature, taking into account the local population and their essential needs and human rights. It’s about a prosperity could be achieved in an absolutely beautiful and harmonious manner.

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