The Fiji Islands Holiday Make – A Dream Destination

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 and other attractions

Cloud 9 restaurant and other facts about the Fiji Islands

Also like to eat pizza? Then, we are addicted. We were even more fascinated when we figured out that you can eat it in a beautiful place like cloud 9 on the Fiji Islands.

But allow us to tell you about it!

To make Fiji Islands holiday

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 bar located In the ocean

Cloud 9 bird’s eye view

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 restaurant

The restaurant of our dreams

Restaurant on one of the Islands to Fiji we gladly as a reason use the Cloud 9 to inform some considerations, what has to offer a dream restaurant. It is clearly in a beautiful place. In addition, it has an enchanting ambience. At best, it should be sunny and bright, but not too hot. Would be ideal to the sea, where you can of course cool by the ocean. Moreover, should get the favorite food served and this should taste heavenly… And now let’s be honest: which is the favorite food of the people most of the time? But still a majority of the modern population eats which may be the latest trends, like pizza.

This is the floating bar on the Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 visits

Do you dream of exotic summer holiday?

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 floating bar

Relax and enjoy the moment!

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 lounge furniture

Located in the South Pacific

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 bar relaxation

Blue water everywhere

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 bar In the ocean

Paradise on Earth

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 water

Plan your dream vacation!

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 bar restaurant swimming

Dreams come true!

Fiji Islands holiday Cloud 9 floating restaurant

The way to the restaurant

On the way to Cloud 9 restaurant, they’d also make a fantastic experience. You are able to enjoy the countryside and all their advantages during the 30-minute boat ride. If you are, you can eat, but you can also just have a drink, and otherwise swim and dive.

Cloud 9

More about the Fiji Islands

Fiji is a stunningly beautiful archipelago in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Because of the great distance, it is also a dream destination. But if you even manage to get there every cent of investment is worth. A total of 322 small islands are here grouped and form the archipelago.  No people live on about 100 of these islands.

Fiji Islands map

Fiji Islands holiday map of Fiji Islands visit

For the General Info it would be enough actually, if you would remember the capital of Suva, as well as the main island Vitu Levu, on which it is located.

Holiday on the Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands Holiday Beach summer vacation Fiji

The beautiful nature

As you probably can remember, the Fiji Islands due to the beautiful nature are known. The great white beaches, the magically beautiful islands and the breathtaking underwater world enchant tourists and holiday-makers here.

Breathtaking nature

Fiji Islands holiday nature ocean mountain

Interesting facts

Here, some interesting things about the Fiji Islands. If you plan to travel, then they make even more exciting your expectations for the visit.

Get notified you, before you visit the Fiji Islands


Suva is not only the capital, but also the most important port in the country. Some time ago, it was the town of Levuka. This has proved but eventually for enhancing the population too small.

The capital city of Suva

Suva capital of Fiji Islands Fiji Islands holiday

Many cultures

Fiji is a country in which live very many different ethnic and racial groups. However, many Nations. People from a majority of countries and representatives of the various religions have found a home here.

The locals are only half of the population.

Many Indians

Around 40% of the population comes from India. The Indians came here during the British colonization and have become established. Then came the Indians in a number of 600 000 as slaves, which to the sugar beet plant and edit had.

Indigenous population

Fiji Islands holiday population Fiji Islands child

Unfortunately, the tribal people not good is with the Indian immigrants. Ethnic conflicts and violence are not rare incidents.

No weapons

Despite the conflicts they are comparable to safely Fiji Islands. No one, including the police officers may carry weapons here.

Peace and love in paradise

Yasawa Iceland Fiji Fiji Islands holiday

The highest place

The highest point, which you can reach on the Fiji Islands is on the island of Viti Levu. The highest point is located on the mountain of Tomanivi and 1322 meters high. The mountains on the Fiji Islands have volcanic origins.

Mountains of volcanic origin

Fiji Islands holiday Viti Levu Island mountain

Varied flora and fauna

The individual Islands show nature in flora and fauna. This is due to the different climatic conditions. The geological structure plays an important role. Most of the Islands are densely overgrown. There are very many mangrove forests and reefs.

The country kitchen

We have started this article deliberately with the Cloud 9 restaurant. Gastronomy is also unique in the Fiji Islands. This is partly because that the country kitchen offers so much variety. The influences are Indian, from Fiji tribal people themselves, Chinese. There are specific dishes that can be eaten anywhere else in the world in the end.

Traditional food with an Asian flavour

Fiji Islands holiday traditional food of Fiji Islands

Cannibals and Christianity

Earlier, on the islands of Fiji, there were cannibals. Today, forks can be seen in some stores, which are necessary for the food from different parts of the body. The King of Fiji in 1871 introduces Christianity and appeals to the residents that the cannibalism in the country should stop.


In addition to Christianity, Hinduism is also very common. There are beautiful temples. The most beautiful and is certainly the largest Sri Siva Subramaniya. Rugby is the most popular sport on the Fiji Islands.

Religious diversity

Fiji Islands holiday Taveuni Island Church religion


The hospitality, which show the population of the Fiji Islands is impressive given the cannibalism several generations ago. After all, you should remember some important rules, if you visit a family of tribal people. You should bring a small gift. Sunglasses and hats are allowed in the villages only for the village leader.

Fiji – one of the world’s most beautiful island chains

Monoriki Island Mamanuca Islands Fiji Islands

Fiji Mana Iceland resort Fiji Islands holiday

travel to Fiji Islands holiday making

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has an own island, which he bought for $ 15 million.

Village life

Still, the majority of the population in villages in the islands lives. The community is very important. The resources be evenly distributed among the inhabitants. Most of the regions are very poor and have no electricity and no water.

A popular tourist destination

Fiji Islands travel and holiday


Water from the Fiji Islands is one of the most expensive products in the United States.

Beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water

Fiji Islands holiday a fantastic beach water

You can also experience this!