The Unique Planet Earth And Its Secrets

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planet Earth China Tianzi mountains

Amazing landscapes on the planet

Do you sometimes dream of other fairytale worlds? Maybe by unknown planet that are from another Galaxy. Have you always thought there is nothing on earth that you have seen in a way? You should then see our contemporary collection of unique photos. There are views like from a different planet. Why should you prepare many years for astronauts, if so many whimsical landscapes can be seen here on the Earth.

The Abraham Lake in Canada

planet Earth Abraham Lake Canada

Almost everywhere on our beautiful planet are breathtaking places just waiting to be discovered. Here we have collected great pictures of lesser-known wonders of the Earth. Do you know already some of them? For us, many were brand new. Volcanoes and geysers, ice caves and magical Lakes, glistening beaches and surreal mountains – it is an enchanting variety of natural wonders. Immerse in this almost unreal dream and get to know our home planet. He is not only our Heavenly home, but also a scenic world, which hides very many secrets in itself.

The Antelope Canyon in the United States

planet Earth Antelope Canyon USA

Let us better check this garden of Eden, and keep it for the next generations. It is our task to do this, it’s all in our hands. Never think that you are too small and unimportant! Think globally and act locally! We all have something in common and that is our unique Earth. Our green planet feeds us and care for us, so we should take care of him also.

Gigantic emeralds on the Baikal Lake in Russia

planet Earth Russia Baikal Lake gem ice

Zhangue Danxia in Gansu, China

our planet China Gansu Zhangue Danxia

In the vicinity of the Vulkan in the Dallol in Ethiopia

planet Earth Dallol Vulkan Ethiopia

There also tiny Lakes were formed

planet Earth Dallol Vulkan Ethiopia

The Dragonblood trees in Socotra, Yemen

our planet Dragonblood trees Socotra Yemen

Ice cave in Iceland

planet Earth Ice Cave Iceland

Ice cave in the vicinity of Mutnovski Vulkan in Russia

our planet Ice Cave Mutnovski Vulkan soot Aland

Ice cave in Oregon, United States

planet Earth Ice Cave Oregon USA

The sky geyser in Nevada, United States

our planet fly geyser Nevada USA

The gates of hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan

planet Earth Gates To Hell Derweze Turkmenistan

Gigantic stone dams in Northern Ireland

our planet gigantic dams Northern Ireland

The large prisms Lake in Wyoming, United States

planet Earth large prismatic source Wyoming USA

Lime sand cave in Algarve, Portugal

our planet cave Algarve Portugal

The Lake Natron in Tanzania

planet Earth Lake Notron Tanzania

El Monte Roraima in Venezuela

our planet Monte Roraima Venezuela

The Naica mine in Mexico

planet Earth Naica mine Mexico

Dry trees in the Namib desert, Namibia

planet Earth Namib desert of Namibia

White water basin in Pamukkkale, Turkey

planet Earth Pamukkale Turkey

The pink Lake Retba in Senegal

planet Earth pink Retba Lake Senegal

Red River landscape in China

planet Earth red Beach Panjin China

The desert of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

planet Earth Salar De Uyuni Bolivia

Sand dunes close to the let volcano in the United States

planet Earth leave volcanic sand dunes National Park United States

Lake Hillier in Australia

planet Earth Lake Hillier Australia

Skaftafell glacier in Iceland

planet Earth Skaftafell glaciers Iceland

Spotted Lake, Canada

planet Earth spotted Lake Canada

Glittering sea fauna in the Maldives

planet Earth shimmering Beach Maldives

The magical Waitomo Glowworm cave in New Zealand

planet Earth New Zealand Waitomo Glowworms Cave

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