Train Travel In Europe – The Advantages Over Air Travel

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Why should you prefer train travel?

The trains are a special way to learn more about the world. We think that all people feel it so even if they don’t really have long travelled by train. But surely most of you have wondered whether just the railway is the best means of transport to visit other countries. Certainly, a train has many advantages. Of course, there are downsides. Necessarily, one must know the latter, so that it is at least mentally prepared. Or maybe it is worth in your case, to combine a rail journey with other means of transport. You are can determine quite sure closer which is the best for you, after you have read our article on this topic.

Today we mainly to rail travel across Europe. The driving conditions are different here than on other continents and our advice can be explained why not everywhere as valid.

The advantages at a glance

Directly in the Centre of the city

Each station is located in the city center usually. Therefore, this is also very convenient if you would like to visit just the city centre. Usually, your hotel, as well as most sights are in the immediate vicinity of the place where you got off the train. This advantage is especially valid if you compare them with the alternative of air travel.

Train travel through Europe

train travel Europe travel city plan tips

No stressful control

Despite the increased security measures, you are never so elaborately controlled in a railway, as for example at an airport. This also greatly contributes to the comfort of the trip.

You can reach quickly some destinations

It is of course faster with the aircraft, but with calculate the journey to the airport, as well as the latency there, it can be so at the end of the day, that the difference between the duration of the train trip is not so important.

This of course depends on the destination, but it is often the case. Well, think about whether you really save with the aircraft on time, if you take no wide city trip in Europe.

Rail travel with Eurostar

Europe rail travel eurostar to grey tips

You have no strict restrictions on luggage

In this case, take not so much luggage. Because you must ultimately carry that around with you. But the good news is that you must not stress is due to a few pounds. You shall pay for this also, as would be the case when a flight.

Take with food and drinks

The food in a flight tastes not every passenger. It has a large selection of dishes and if you want something else, you pay dearly, both at the airport and in the aircraft itself. It must be in the train. You can bring your own food and drinks. Go but rationally and take only things which are on the road easy to carry and to enjoy without being unpleasant for the people in the area.

Discover picturesque landscapes!

train travel Europe Alps natural landscapes mountain

Many destinations

Maybe here, some would object to discover many destinations there’s plane. True, on the one hand, but on the other hand you can visit hardly small cities and towns with the aircraft. To see this, you must take the car anyway… This is time-consuming and stressful.

And here comes a handy tip: see in advance the places at, through which the railway runs. You can do most easily in the Internet. It may be that it is worthwhile to make a stopover, the one or other place, or Their own geographical development to undertake.

You find useful our overview of the advantages of rail travel? We are not at all finished! Also, read the second part of our article. There you will find many more hints and practical tips. And also some disadvantages, which should keep during rail travel in the sense.

Experience the romantic nostalgia with Orient Express

train travel Europe Alps orient express

Like in the winter’s tale

train travel Europe Alps Switzerland glacier on tour

A train journey can be quite exciting

train travel Europe Alps Switzerland Austria mountains nature

Admire the mystical Dolomites during a trip to Italy!

train travel Europe Dolomites Italy travel

Or travel through the warm South!

train travel Europe to old South France

Many idyllic towns and breathtaking areas are waiting for you

train travel Europe city travel mountain nature attractions tips

In the mountains, we continue also meditative

travel by Rail Europe enjoy train travel tips

Plan everything well in advance!

travel Europe by rail station city travel sehenswürdikeiten

Treat yourself to a little luxury

train travel Europe cool travel tips travel luxury

An unforgettable city trip for two with the railway company

train travel Europe london city travel sights

Take time for yourself!

train travel Europe enjoy nature romance travel tips

Your little ones will enjoy the rail travel with security

train travel Europe travel with children comfort travel tips

With good friends, the journey is even more fun

travel by Rail Europe train travel planning tips

Night train station panorama – St. Pancras, London

Europe train travel train travel london st Pancras eurostar

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