Transportable Homes In Larvae Form Of Nomadic Resorts

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transportable houses in larvae form

Transportable homes by nomadic resorts

Transportable homes are today highly sought and preferred by many time travelers or adventurous. One of the most original solutions in this area comes from nomadic resorts. Even the most demanding travellers are fascinated by the Loo – the Caterpillar. The 9 m long housing of this strange mobile homes made from wood, they all have a sustainable farming. The canopy consists of a special and very slight tension fabric.

Although the larvae form itself offers a very good ventilation, the small solar plant on the roof-enough energy for air conditioning ensures when the heat becomes unbearable. Solar energy to operate LED lights, the water heater, and a special container that the waste water is recycled. Each portable House has sleeping area, bathroom, living room with entertainment system and even work space with Wi-Fi, to do something important on the trip.

Sustainability and natural inspiration

transportable homes by nature inspired

The small terrace at the top of the Caterpillar was designed so that it provides enough space for sunbathing, reading or a cool drink at sunset. The lockable roof is pulled down in the evening and with the help of the LCD projector, this area transforms into a cozy home theater.

The desert can be comfortable with as a transportable home

transportable homes can be folded out like Caterpillar

The Caterpillar offers perfect protection against the sand

transportable houses with sand network

Transportable homes like this by nomadic resorts really perfectly suited for an extra extended vacation on the coast, in the tropics, or even in desert regions. If you simply can’t get enough of this impressive track houses, look at you again everything and visit the official website of the manufacturer.

For a modern nomadic life

transportable homes in the desert

High tech solar system

transportable homes with perfect insulation

Organically shaped construction

transportable houses with sturdy wood construction

Are you the type of portable houses? Have you imagined times so original and unique travel accommodation?

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