Travel Bag, Backpack Or Suitcase – What Piece Do I?

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

travel bag searching for travel and holiday accessories

Hard shell, soft carrying case or backpack?

The holiday season is approaching and so the luggage issue comes up again. Is my old suitcase yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of travel? Or also questions what size is needed, which case is best or whether perhaps rather the backpack is the ideal travel partner, often fall. That is why we dedicate ourselves at the beginning of the tourist season, once again this topic.

The travel bag as chic accessories

leather Braun Reisen and holiday travel bag accessories

Stylish on the go

travel bag leather stylish on the go travel and holiday accessories

For backpackers – the backpack

You travel around a lot and are rarely only in one place in her holiday – the handle to the loaded travel backpack seems clear. Nothing is more practical than a good bag with many compartments and storage space, if it bus and foot across through the country. Because there is the designation of backpacking for exactly the type of travel. A suitcase is simply impractical for tours.

The backpack can be very handy

travel bag backpack trips and vacation accessories

When the purchase especially on wide cushioned straps, which express and adapt well to your shoulders and back – otherwise it comes quickly to back and neck pain. Additionally, waterproof zippers or a rain cover of advantage. So, you can ensure that your content does not get wet. Good models you can find, for example, by VAUDE, Jack Wolfskin and deuter.

Backpack with wheels

travel bag with wheels, backpack travel and holiday accessories

Frequent flyer – the case

Travel with the aircraft and are travel for business or stay in a hotel, the suitcase is the ideal companion. However case buyers are before deciding what material should be the case: aluminium, polycarbonate or textile?

If a nice travel bag alone is not enough, then you access after the suitcase

travel bag or backpack trips and vacation accessories

Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. The classic aluminum hard carrying case, is distributed today, for example, by the traditional German brand Rimowa, which exist among Koffer24 . He is very robust, even almost indestructible, because those suitcases, were originally designed for photographers and their sensitive equipment

They bring a small disadvantage but nonetheless. You have a very high weight and can quickly get bumps during transport. However, it is very unlikely that such a case breaks you apart. In addition, there are lovers who feel these bumps as something special, as they lend a special character her suitcase.

Hard shell case – pros and cons

travel pouch hard case travel and holiday accessories

Bags made from different plastics are easier and very stable. Here there are Curv, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS, and even more to choose from. They all have in common, that they are very easy. However, there are differences here depending on the temperature in the form stability. Curv and polypropylene are particularly robust and still remain even at-40 ° Celsius. A shortcoming in these cases may be the zipper, often used with these materials. Depending on the quality, they break quickly, as well as the hand grips to pull. Stability you can not trump also usually the aluminum case.

Case made of fabric and other materials

Holdall wheels luggage travel and holiday accessories

Fabric bags, however, save the wallet, because they are much cheaper by the material. But here, too, there are advantages and disadvantages. From fabric for suitcase also the flexibility speaks in addition to the price. The fabric stretches more, what holiday, if souvenirs are added, may be beneficial. Is a zipper is left open, for example, an increase of storage space can be created so frequently. However, a major drawback for frequent flyers will be the stability, because very quickly cracks or holes arise from the carriage. Therefore applies, if a cloth suitcase, then choose one made of nylon. This is more resilient than other substances.

Choose the right suitcase size

travel bag suitcase size travel and holiday accessories

What size should it be?

Depending on your travel dates, you can refer to different volume values. Freeze, for example, two to three days, should cover your suitcase between 20 to 40 litres. This case own himself well as hand luggage on the plane, as it the maximum dimensions 56 cm x 45 cm usually do not exceed. The different looks for a week. The travel units should have between 50 and 70 liters. Less than two weeks, suitcase from 90 litres will recommend up. Here you should also be aware but the weight of the baggage, because on the plane a limit maximum not to exceed 20 to 23 kg.

Which is the perfect travel companion for you, depends very much on your travel style-frequency and duration from. So the best individually, vote your luggage on your vacation.

Case with retro design

travel bag retro suitcase travel and holiday accessories

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