Travel To Cuba – Facts And Practical Tips For You

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travel to Cuba vacation vintage Palm

You want to travel to Cuba? Here are our tips and ideas for an interesting trip to Cuba

Many Germans want to be away in the Christmas and new year’s Eve time from home! Some do it by you decide to really far away destinations. Cuba is a very popular choice. But how about all exotic destinations, there are many useful info, good tips and suggestions even in this. You would have to remember them, to spend a really good time there.

A magnificent view over the city

travel to Cuba restaurant terrace

Travel to Cuba – that can be only exciting

Travel can bring many different emotions to Cuba. First, one thing is certain: this trip will leave indifferent no people.

You will have the opportunity, the salsa rhythm to go

Salsa travel to Cuba

You will have the chance even to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches to enjoy. But it is important that the ‘easiest’ action, which you take, will be surrounded by the mystique and magic atmosphere.

Actually where are you going?

Certainly, most of you have a general idea of the geography of this popular island. But let us understand at least some facts. It is the westernmost island of the Greater Antilles. It is located south of Florida approximately 145 kilometres. You can meet here long history and rich cultural heritage.

Map of Cuba

travel to Cuba map island

Columbus discovered the island in 1492. The capital was founded much later, in the year 1519. In the 30s and 40s of the 20th century, this has been the only city in the Caribbean.

Travel to Cuba and Havana

There are many attractions in Havana, you would have to visit during the Cuba trip. Because it’s here in the end to one of the two most beautiful cities in the world. You will find all of these in the travel books. But here are the tips which we believe you should necessarily follow.

Take equally long time for the stroll through the modern and the old town

travel to Cuba vacation town

Plaza de Armas

travel to Cuba travel of Plaza de Armas

Vintage anywhere in Havana

travel to Cuba road vintage

As if the time has stopped

travel to Cuba vacation Havana Street

You must discover Cuba on foot and enjoy. If you travel to Cuba visit Havana, you should set up on long running on foot.

You can see the city with a horse-drawn carriage

travel to Cuba holiday coach

Plaza de San Francisco

travel to Cuba Plaza De San Francisco

A unique Caribbean Idyll

travel to Cuba vintage cab coach

Old American cars pretty jazzed up

vintage travel to Cuba

One of the picturesque streets of the city

small street travel to Cuba

Be sure visit the old cathedral

travel to Cuba vacation Cathedral

Quiet in the afternoon with views of el Capitolio

travel to Cuba Street

El Capitolio

El Capitolio travel to Cuba

Che is present everywhere

travel to Cuba Che wall decoration

The course of the revolution and the Cuban flag

travel to Cuba Plaza De La Revolucion

Are everywhere to see posters like this

travel to Cuba Fidel Castro

A dreamlike Beach in Varadero

travel to Cuba Varadero holiday

You find a souvenir for your friends

accessories travel to Cuba

Pinar del Rio

travel to Cuba Pinar del Rio holiday

Havana at sunset

travel to Cuba panorama


What is worth a trip at all when you visit not good restaurants where you can get to know the cuisine of the region? It would be not bad, maybe, in advance to know what here is typical of the cuisine in this region.

The eating of meat is certainly very typical Cuban cuisine

travel to Cuba cuisine

This includes a lot of pork and chicken. Seafood can be enjoyed of course due to the geographical location and the natural conditions also in all places. The local cuisine offers wonderful cooking shrimp and lobster. Here you could really enjoy tasty food at very reasonable prices.

Great alcoholic beverages

travel to Cuba Havana Club

If you want to drink at some point be sure rum and Mojito, then this is certainly a trip to Cuba.

Because here are these great drinks really at home

travel to Cuba Libre

How does it looks like? Would you travel for new year’s Eve to Cuba? Would be a feast of exotic city landscape and cuisine is right for you? We already think that would begin the new year with such a journey really good for you.

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