Travel To India – What Should You Observe India Travel

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Taj Mahal India Travel travel to India

Travel to India planned for Christmas? Here are our tips

Have you decided to take a trip to India in the Christmas period? This is certainly a great idea! Because as you will spend your time really well. In addition, they will take the wonderful chance to claim that to escape from the cold and grey atmosphere of the winter time here in Europe. However, the journey comes with really only good experiences, it is recommended to be timely and fully informed.

While we want to help you.

Do we travel together online to India?

travel to India, India travel, Indian culture sights

Languages, which you could talk during your trip to India

Yes, certainly you can speak English in the tourist resorts. But it would be perhaps helpful to know what other languages are spoken here. Maybe you could learn the one or other expression in these. This might help you to win some new friends during your trip to India. The languages Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Kashmiri, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Punjabi are official.

In the various States of India speak different languages

India travel to India tourist visa

The trip to India and your health

Let us not forget that India is a huge country. That’s why many different climatic zones and thus also challenges for your health associated with it. Plan your stay in advance. Thinking thus, both a capital and the targets for occasional trips. Make all vaccinations, which are necessary for this. So, you will ensure that your trip will be tied to India only good experiences.

The beauty of Indian women

Indian culture Indian women travel to India

In addition to the drugs and vaccinations, one should obey also the appropriate hygiene and take other preventive measures prescribed. Simple actions such as the regular disinfection of hands could save you a lot of stress.

The currency for your trip to India

The Indian rupee is the main currency in this country. It would be not bad to have already a little bit of it on arrival. But do not worry too much in this respect. During your travel in India, you will find throughout many various ATMs where you can withdraw money.

On the market

market travel to India Indian culture

We recommend you to pay in cash. If you decide during your travel to India for card payments, this can lead in some cases to fraud. In this respect it every now and again incidents are.

Indian fabrics studded with sequins

women travel to India, India travel, Indian culture

Indian fabric market

travel to India market

The telecommunications during your trip to India

This is the last question, which we would like to address today. The area code, you must specify during the India tour , is 0091. Many public phones can be found. You have been spread in several places in the area.

Public transport on the Indian roads

road trip to India Indian culture

You can buy a prepaid card. Unfortunately, this is not so easy in contrast to Europe. Even if it’s a short trip, it must a contract with all the elaborate formalities sign, including the printing of the Passport.

Taj Mahal at sunset

India trip Taj Mahal visit travel to India

One of the most famous destinations – Taj Mahal

India Travel travel to Taj Mahal India

This belongs to the Indian traditions – the elephants are painted Rainbow variety

travel to India, India travel, Indian culture painted elephant

The Festival of colours ‘Holi’ is held every spring in India

of colours travel to India

Here, everything seems to be so coloured

Indian culture painted elephants travel to India

The cow is sacred in India

India travel Indian culture divine cow after India

Sacred cows in the Holy River Ganges

cows travel to India, India travel, Indian culture

Cows on the Indian Beach

travel to India, India travel, Indian culture cows

Craftsmen on the road

travel to India, India travel, Indian culture carving craft

On the road, you can see pretty much everything

road trip to India India travel Indian culture

Don’t miss the chance, to ride an elephant

landmark trip to India India travel, Indian culture

travel to India Indian culture elephant

The bath in the Ganges cleanses from sins

travel to India Indian culture bathing in motion

Indian culture and tradition

travel to India child henna tattoo

travel to India Indian culture, henna tattoo let you get henna tattoo

Indian wedding – the bride is dressed according to the tradition in a red wedding Sari

Indian culture Indian wedding marriage party trip to India

Indian wedding horse, festively decorated

horse travel to India Indian culture Indian wedding

Bollywood dances

travel to India Indian Cultural dances

The traditional Indian dress Sari is and looks like this

travel to India Indian cultural tradition saree Sari dress

Indian children – poor, but happy

travel to India Indian culture Indian children

Have you eaten already Indian bread?

India travel Indian culture Indian bread after India

Traditional Indian food

Indian food journey to India

travel to India Indian food bread

The Indian cuisine

Indian food Indian culture trip to India

The Sundareswarar Temple in the city of Madurai

Temple trip to India Madura

The magnificently ornate Hindu temple

Temple trip to India Madura Hindu

Meditators people are to be seen everywhere

meditation Yoga trip to India

In the mountains of the Himalayas

travel to India North India Himalaya

Yoga exercises in the vicinity of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal travel to India

Ganesha statue

travel to India Taj Mahal Hindu gods Ganesha

With a basket full of oranges on the head

travel to India India travel sights Indian culture

Necessarily bring spices from your India trip home

Indian spices arrive in India

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