Travel To Serbia: These Sites You Should Visit

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Sights in Serbia, which you should necessarily visit

Serbia was unfortunately connected very sad historical events in the last few decades. Many of the monuments were destroyed in this country. But much worse, feeling you still have the pain of the war and the terrible feelings and experiences, which involved there.

Travel to Serbia

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At some point, you gotta trust to combine traveling to Serbia once again with positive experiences. To do this, we want to make our contribution today also by giving some examples. They will show you that a Serbia can be connected to travel with a lot of fun, beautiful nature and even romance.

We want to give you a few tips, which are suitable for a summer trip to Serbia.

Serbia’s national flag

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Map of Eastern Europe

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Culture and tradition

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Belgrade or Serbian Beograd, is one of the most romantic cities on the Balkans and in Europe. How can it be different because even if it has architecture from several periods and still is located on the banks of the beautiful rivers – the Danube and Sava. The city is also very famous for the beautiful city centre at Therasie square. There, you can visit the great old quarters, which exotic look and have to offer an unforgettable experience. These are for example Tashmaidan and Palilula.

Belgrade – a romantic city

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If you are, make everything possible to visit the fortress of Kalemegdan. It is located on the Bank of the Sava, and precisely at the point in the Danube which flows in.

Castle of Kalemegdan in Belgrade

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A great attraction is the Castle, which was in the possession of the Obrenovich. There is currently the City Council. The building is a witness of many different historical events in this country.

The Cathedral in the Centre of Belgrade

Belgrade Cathedral Sava River trips to Serbia

Sirogojno – open Museum

This is an open Museum, which is located in Western Serbia. Here are some typical houses, which show the development of the Serbian daily. You can also see many traditional handicraft arts.

“Staro Selo” Sirogojno

Staro Selo Sirogojno travel to Serbia holiday

An open Museum

Staro Selo Sirogojno sightseeing trips to Serbia


It’s called the timber town of the Emir Kosturitsa – the famous Serbian Director. It is located close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. You have here all the essentials, joke the Serbs: cinema, Church and prison.

The timber town of the Emir Kosturitsa

Mecavnik travel to Serbia sights


Niš is also a city similar to Belgrade to visit alone, worth a Serbia travel.  NISH is situated on the river Nishawa. This is one of the oldest towns on the Balkan peninsula. They say this is one of the gateways between the Occident and the Orient.

On the remains of the Roman city, which once was, it has built a modern settlement for the time in the 18th century.

Niš is the third largest city in Serbia

NIS travel to Serbia sights

Lepenski we

If you want to really long back look back in the history of the people, you should visit also this town anyway. It is located on the Danube River in eastern Serbia. Historical records show that hunters and fishermen still many millennia before Christ have inhabited this region.

Lepenski we is located on the Danube River in eastern Serbia

Lepenski vir travel to Serbia sights

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Djavolja Varos

Djavolja Varos travel to Serbia sights

Mechavnik is still Drvengrad or called on German coastal village

Drvengrad travel to Serbia sights