United States Times Differently: Tourist Destinations From A Completely Different Angle

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United States travel tips: tourist destinations in the United States from a completely different angle

New York, Los Angeles, Florida: The number of U.S. destinations is quite manageable and classically tourists marked for many Germans. This article wants to make it entirely differently and destinations in the land of opportunity that have travelers Europeans, not on the to-do list.

The United States is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But as tourists are, they are drawn mostly to traditional tourist destinations. Of course, a Selfie on the Empire State Building in New York City makes for folks back home even more impression than one before the drugstore in Holcomb, Mississippi. Also, the United States for a vast landscape are known, which is why an outdoor vacation is another way of the trip to America. But just who just do not want to convert well-trodden tourist paths, takes in the States a lot of extraordinary, eerie and exciting. The following article would like to introduce some very interesting places.

The United States are not only of freedom, but also a lot of clichés between gigantism and quirkiness. Some of them are so good that they are suitable as destinations of far from classic tourist centres

United States travel tips United States times different flag

(1) more than Beach and surfer: the West Coast

This slightly different United States trip starts there, like most primarily on the Hollywood dream factory, think endless beaches and magnificent villas: the West Coast.

1.1 Los Angeles


1.1 prohibitions‐tunnels

Since its inception, under Los Angeles tunnel were built. For underground lines but also for the cash between banks or the transfer of criminals. As the alcohol prohibition era began, these tunnels were given new meaning: Feierwütige could change here unseen from a Speakeasy (illegal bars), into the next. Alcohol smugglers transported their goods without being seen and they produced some even also underground. Today is a part of which temple still accessible tunnel, the entrance is located behind the “Hall of records” in the street.

United States travel tips United States times unlike chart 1

1.1.2 Tesla‐Spule of the Griffith Observatory

Nikola Tesla a visionary of electricity – and his life as an “oddball” was decried. Among other things because he was working, power through the air instead of cable to transfer. One of his works is the Tesla coil: A two-meter-high device that shoots high voltage flashes to a Faraday cage. A very spectacular presentation, and also not to miss in the East Observatory Road.

Scientist Nikola tried Tesla nothing less than control of electricity without physical cables. His coils still show how it looked: A spekatkuläres thunderstorm in miniature

United States travel tips United States again different museum

1.1.3 Petersen automotive Vault

Already the normal exhibition spaces of the Petersen Automotive Museum are a gold mine for enthusiasts, because here the story of original pieces of the engine not less than can be found. Obscure it is called Boulevard, in the basement of the Museum on Wilshire The Vault: Automobile exotics waiting there: about an already rare Jaguar XKSS, also owned by Steve McQueen. Or even an armoured Mercedes of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Who wants to see these vehicles, should wrap up warm up: “The Vault” almost to freezing temperature is cooled down to minimize aging processes.

1.2 San Diego

1.2.1 NAB Coronado

Who does stop in California’s southernmost city, a trip to the San Diego Bay, peninsula of Coronado do: right next to the hotel the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado divides the beach namely with tourists – course enclosed. There you can watch, like the aspiring soldiers of the legendary elite unit Navy Seals by their trainers during the Basic UnderwaterDemolition (BUD/S) course buffeted and so that even watching already aching muscles. Here the first part of a documentary, which shows impressive the grinding shop.

Before sailors to seal elite soldiers, the trainers tap the candidates in Coronado through violent training brainless – only who survives this week, begins the actual training

United States travel tips United States times other soldiers

1.2.2 Whaley House

Who wants creeps, should drive through the San Diego Avenue and stop at Whaley House built in 1857. It should go but only brave: the current museum was built on a cemetery with place of execution and is considered the House possessed by spirits of the world most – supposedly there were sightings there even before the construction. At least six ghosts to drive there mischief.

1.3 Las Vegas

1.3.1 Nevada test site/Trinity site

Horror of a different kind is there for Las Vegas tourists: located only about 100 kilometers Northwest of the glittering city Nevada test site -the largest nuclear test area in the United States. 928 nuclear bombs detonated there between the 1950s and the 1980s. The vast majority of them underground. The radiation is no longer dangerous, so guided tours, by area are offered through this dozens giant craters. Those who are interested in the topic, is also the Trinity site at the 1945 the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated in the State of New Mexico. Such tours in Vegas itself can start: there it is namely by the Smithsonian Institute a national AtomicTesting Museum.

A basalt Obelisk marks the spot where the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico – otherwise hardly traces at ground zero can be found today by the explosion

United States travel tips United States times different monuments monument

1.3.2 forgotten hotels

Las Vegas is a city in perpetual flux. This applies especially to the hotels: almost all today’s casinos were built in the past 20 years. There are not more legendary houses such as sands and dunes, reported by the following article. You many explosions targeted after the closure to the “victim”, finally the place in Las Vegas is limited. Yet a small part can be seen but still: the Neon Museum saved many neon signs from destruction and offers little insight into the history of the past.

(2) just Cowboys and wheat? Not at all! The Central States

Also in the Interior of the country, travelers in virtually any State can meet on an obscure.

2.1 Texas

2.1.1 Cadillac Ranch

West of Amarillo , 1974 some artists buried ten Cadillacs half in a corn field as a symbol for the rise and fall of the cars of fins on. The Cadillacs are decorated with graffiti still there – over and over. Spraying is there strongly encouraged, so that the installation is subject to ongoing change. The vehicles “facilitated” by souvenir hunters not someday disappear entirely, are repeatedly added spare parts and the car also regularly glossed over with fresh white paint.

Because so many visitors left their traces, the Cadillac Ranch is a work of art in the permanent change

United States travel tips United States times different cars in the desert

United States travel tips United States times different graphic 2

2.1.2 Cathedral of junk

The “Cathedral of waste” is located at Lareina drivein Austin, where your Builder built along all possible scrap into a gigantic work of art since the 80s – old railings, lawn mower, crutches, and more were to an accessible Cathedral. And it can be visited free of charge.

2.2 Idaho

2.2.1 of world’s biggest Beagle

It is located on the highway 95 at Cottonwood dog bark Inn – from the name a regular Motel. But what makes the building: it has the look of a giant Beagles. Ten meters high, stands the “dog hut” from the countryside and still has room for two guest rooms and a breakfast room.

The DC-3 and its military Variant C 47 over 160000 examples were built between 1936 and 1945 – and not a few of them fly even today in the hard working

United States travel tips United States times different aircraft

2.2.2 DC‐3 in the trees

The Douglas DC-3 is the most produced aircraft of all time. And McCall one was parked in front of long forgotten times of. What thousands of flight hours could not have the robust engine, done well nature: Trees grow around the plane so that it looks as if it were part of the forest.

2.3 Colorado

2.3.1 UFO Watchtower

There were several UFO sightings in the San Luis Valley. And because alien flying machines with some exaggeration more impressive, finds himself in Hooper of the UFO-Watchtower, a platform with unobstructed views of the night sky. And because Americans can make all the money, there is also a souvenir shop.

2.4 Nebraska

2.4.1 car‐Henge

Stone Henge in England is world famous alsKultort of past times ofHenge- caris somewhat less known but built also with times past in mind -. North of Alliance, its builders were old certificates of American car engineering here to a 1:1 monumental replica of the real Stone-Henge.

Americans love cars – different works of art such as car Henge can not explained, which exist only in this country

United States travel tips United States times different sights

2.5 Iowa

The Hobos in the boxcar is inseparably connected with the history of the United States. The town of Britt created a monument in the form of the Hobo Museumfor these “unsung heroes”. Visitors expected there not only more about their history, but also various exhibits and background.

2.5.1 Hobo Museum

2.5.2 Miniatur‐Wunderland railway

Model railway enthusiasts should make a beeline for Colfax: there you will find the Train country United States. A journey through America in a small scale. About one kilometre rail thousands houses installed there, to do so.  Thus, train country among the world’s largest exhibitions of its kind.

2.6 Kansas

2.6.1 world’s largest collection of Miniaturengroßer objects

“The world’s largest collection of world’s smallest miniatures of world’s largest things” is the name of the Museum in Lucas. And the name is program: giant nuts, cows, which are only under the microscope. The Museum is definitely inclined, but truly exceptional.

2.6.2 GunfightersWaxMusuem

Dodge City is synonymous with Cowboys and the Wild West the par excellence. And a wax museum that honors Gunslingers, where could be better? In the Gunfighters Wax Museum you will find statues of Wyatt Earp to tragic General Custer – and other exhibits on the theme of cowboys and Gunslingers.

United States travel tips United States times different graphic 3

(3) located in the deep South: Southern States

Hardly an other country bar of the United States is loaded as the southern States with clichés. They are often as somehow backward or “different”, but are famous for their special cuisine and extremely polite manners that still maintain it even in the absolute exception situations. But also to destinations the different curiosities can be deep in the South found.

3.1 Arkansas

3.1.1 Christ of the Ozarks

Everyone knows the famous statue of Jesus on the sugar loaf of Rio de Janeiro – the StädchenEureka of springs – can be found in the North of Arkansas and also there is a giant Jesus, the Christ of the Ozarks. Originally intended as a center of religious theme parks, nothing was out of the idea. The statue stands out but still 20 meters from the hills of the Ozark Mountains.

Even if the “Christ of the Ozarks” not as high rises as his role model in Rio, he is 20 meters height yet impressive

United States travel tips United States times unlike statue

3.1.2 Johnny Cash House

The “Man in Black” is not only one of the most famous sons of the State of Arkansas, but also one of the largest country legends. While he also started small in a referred Dyess colony for poor peasants. The boards on which this great musician took his first steps, can be visited even today: the House has been restored and is in its original condition.

3.2 Alabama

3.2.1 Museum of the uncollected cases

Actually touching is strictly prohibited – in most museums in the unclaimed baggage Centerin Scottsboro. There, the contents of the lost and uncollected cases even for sale. It has the character of a gigantic Second-Hand shop and is good for a lot of surprises – no worry, there is also a real Museum in the Center: the most extraordinary case finds are kept there – and which must not be touched as an exception.

Unclaimed baggage: security personnel at airports, providing abdominal pain is the unclaimed baggage Center for sale – and is loved by the customers

United States travel tips United States times unlike the airport

3.2.2 world’s largest Motorrad‐Museum

One lives of America’s richest men in Birmingham: George W. Barber. And because he had a few billion dollars after the sale of his company for dairy products, George built a museum to honour his favourite hobbies: motorcycles. 1400 he owns, and 600 of them are at all times at the Barber Museum to visit – all functional and from all epochs of two-wheeled transportation.

3.3 Kentucky

3.3.1 dinosaur world

Who liked movies such as Jurassic Park, you’ll love Dinosaur World in Cave City : more than 150 life-size dinosaurs found there – of course in their natural environment on almost 100000 square meters area.

(4) much bigger than only New York: The East Coast

If you think the East Coast, has mostly Manhattan in the mind’s eye. While the East coast of the United States is longer than the West Coast – and includes more States in which obscure and unusual finds a good piece.

4.1 Maine

4.1.1 cryptozoology Museum

In the North of the East Coast, the international Cryptozoology Museumis located in Portland. And that is a credit to his name, because it devoted only legendary figures and animals like Bigfoot, Sasquatch and craw Wurm. This both historical as well as really and truly Zoological background.

There is not, the trees you could imagine actually themselves in the desert of Maine in the Sahara. But the dune landscape just the flora is so bizarre

United States travel tips United States times different nature

4.1.2 the “desert” of Maine

“Moment, Maine is not yet in the arid southwest of the country, how can a desert be doing?” may ask themselves geographically savvy in this heading. Also in Maine, there is actually a desert: Okay, actually a dune landscape. Through its expansion on over 16 acres, but resembles a “real” desert – The Desert of Maine and is worth a visit for this reason alone.

4.2 New York

4.2.1 smallest church in the world

In the town of Oneida , a church – and the smallest in the world is in the middle of a pond. The ship was built in 1989 by a private person – and has room only for two people and a priest. That excludes them for great services although, the mini Church makes highly sought after but when marriage agree on the search after extraordinary marriages.

4.2.2 North Brother Iceland

In the middle of the East River within sight of New York Bronx lies the uninhabited North Brother Iceland – 1963 home of the Riverside hospital, a quarantine home for tuberculosis and other sick people. When the hospital was closed, the last people left in the city and nature took over to such an extent that there is even a documentary was filmed, what the world could look like after the extinction of the people. North Brother Iceland is not officially available, but boat tours also from the water good to look at.

United States travel tips United States times different graphic 4

4.3 Massachusetts

4.3.1 the Witch’s House of Salem

Some of the first European residents of North America were Puritans. And were extremely religious, and also believed that witches in New England drove their mischief. This hysteria in 1692 culminated in the literary and cinematic treated witch trials of Salem – the Witch’s House in the village is the last architectural witness to this dark time and enlighten today as a museum about this period.

In the Witch’s House of Salem women in show trials to witches were reminded explained – now the Museum at this stage of paranoia

United States travel tips United States times different American houses

4.3.2 Museum of bad art

Many say “art you can not measure” -. There are also art that is simply ugly, or at best questionable. And this is dedicated to the Museum of bad art in Somerville. Paintings up to horrorhaft bad stuffed animals, everything applies as art, but never a serious Gallery shows sure is.

4.4 Virginia

4.4.1 CIA Museum

Langley is the home of the legendary secret service CIA. And also has an extensive history, which he makes available completely un by the public. The CIA Museum exhibits from many decades of American espionage, including pilot suits by reconnaissance aircraft and tools to spurenlosen open letters.

Concrete does not rust like steel – the half-sunken concrete ships at Kiptopeke beach as ideal breakwater are therefore

United States travel tips United States times unlike sunset

4.4.2 Kiptopeke’s concrete ships

Also concrete can swim – at least when he is cast in the form of a ship hull. What happened in the second world war from lack of steel, later prior to the Kiptopeke- partially sunk as a breakwaterBeach – in a long chain of nine ships, which result in a spooky sight from the beach.

4.5 Delaware

4.5.1 miles the monster

Over ten metres high, car zermalmendes monster of concrete – a fitting mascot for the Dover International Speedway – a race track, which was so badly paved in earlier days that gave her driver nicknamed the Monster Mile . Today, the line is so good that NASCAR races that are held – the old character of the racing oval lives on in miles.

4.6 South Carolina

4.6.1 CSS Hunley

During the American civil war, the southern States tried everything to break through the blockade of their ports. Unusual solutions, such as a submarine operated by hand, just the CSS Hunleyas a result too for that time. And recessed was a ship of the Northern States – as the first submarine of in history, but immediately afterwards sunk under mysterious circumstances himself. The search lasted over a hundred years. Then the boat 2000 from only ten meters deep was raised and is since then in North Charleston painstakingly preserved and displayed.

Until the discovery of their cons, there were only drawings of the CSS Hunley. On the nose: A spar torpedo, a type of Lance with an explosive tip to the sinking of ships

United States travel tips United States times different trivia

4.6.2 Bishopville button Museum

Buttons keep closed pants and shirts, really unspectacular. But Dalton Stevens finds so interesting that he his life collecting them – and now from its thousands exhibits has established a Museum, can be visited in Bishopville the little helpers.

4.7 Florida

4.7.1 airstream Ranch

Americans seem to have a soft spot for it, half dug down into its automotive art in series. Otherwise, you can explain the Airstream Ranch in Dover. There eight of the legendary airstream caravans in shimmering aluminium in a similar form are lined up like the Cadillacs in Texas.

Airstreams are the American version of the classic Caravan: exterior of polished aluminium and Interior more spacious than some student apartment

United States travel tips United States times different summer holiday

4.7.2 Neptune Memorial reef

Deep under water, it goes before Key Biscayne at the southern tip of Florida. Here the builders constructed a frightfully fun underwater city of Atlantis-style the Neptune Memorial reef. Special feature: The well 2000 m² large area was conceived from the outset as underwater graveyard. Therefore, cast urns, but also gravestones and memorials can be found not only in concrete. Since the area but also for hobby divers is open, can be “his show here is the macabre with the ephemeral and an elaborate underwater art”. And completely without admission fee.

(5) Summary: more than just Hollywood and Empire State building

The United States is a country of contrasts. That is reflected in the differences between the elaborate but also overcrowded tourist centres and the most isolated finds, which this article listed. Of course no button Museum at a Smithsonian approaches, a car traveling not on the original. But there are these small exceptionalities, which make the country also something special–who is half buried somewhere just old cars in Germany? That would violate several laws. And just because of such “Schrulligkeiten” it is worth already… to travel to the United States from a different angle.

United States travel tips United States times unlike parking sign

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