Unusual Destinations – 5 Abandoned Places Are Called To Life!

The beauty of the abandoned and forgotten places

Depending on the interests and tastes, feels addressed each of us of a certain destination and undertakes an exciting and long-awaited trip there accordingly sooner or later. The abandoned places in the world to be as a special and quite popular lately destination! These ghost towns fascinate travel and adventure with a penchant for the extreme; their mysterious origin, rapid development and sudden downfall lure of history and bring at the same time nostalgic and melancholic feelings. The once-vibrant cities full of life and love came slowly into oblivion after their last inhabitants in the search had made for a better life. In the following we introduce you to some of the most deserted places on Earth. Would you dare to actually to visit?

Villa Epecuén in Argentienien is the blood in the veins just you
abandoned places villa epecuen

This place has abandoned places – thousands of stories to tell

abandoned ote argentienien

This tourist city founded in 1920 is located on the Salt Lake of Lago Epecuén, about 600 km. Located southwest of Buenos Aires. According to the legend a native American guide exactly at this place cried out are eyes day and night, because of the loss of his greatest love had moved him into deepest mourning. His grief was so great that leztlich was a whole salt from his tears!

Because of high salt content to heal different skin diseases, paralysis, diabetes, anemia and rheumatism served, Villa attracted annually over 25 ooo visitors Epecuén in its heyday! Middle of the 80’s was the downfall of this small paradise on Earth – the strong for weeks continuous rainfall resulted in devastating floods. The flood broke through the protection levee and flooded the entire city; City residents were evacuated in time, Villa Epecuén remained bogged down but the next 25 years in the Lake! Everything here built remained at once under water! Since 2009, the water retreating back – roads, vehicles, and furniture were salt-caked get and still recall the bygone times!

Abandoned places – the ghost town of Bodie
bodie deserted city

Everything is here always still intact

bodie ghost town

The former mountain people town Bodie is located in California, about 120 km. from Lake Tahoe. This city entstadt in 1859 as a gold mining settlement and has quickly become a culturally and wirschaftlich prosperienden place with a population of over 10,000 inhabitants. in 1880, Bodie was thanks to the large industrial progress as the second most important city in California to San Francisco! Through the centuries, gold was excavated here worth $ 34 million. After the closure of the gold mines at the turn of the 20th century, the people lost their source of income and therefore relocated. a national historic landmark in 1961 proclaimed Bodie!

Salto del Tequendama Falls and hotel

hotel del santo

Abandoned place – hotel de Santo decades ago was regarded as a landmark of the surrounding area

deserted places taiwan

Of the 157 m high Tequendama waterfall is one of the most visited places in Colombia, 30 km. away from Bogota. A charming and at the same time frightening sight reveals himself in front of thousands of visitors who want to enjoy the magnificence of this natural wonder. The waterfall is situated opposite Hotel del Salto – a sinister building inhabited angleblich of ghosts! This end of the 20-ies opened and once luxurious applicable hotel, accommodation surrounded by nature asked the rich tourists. The hotel seems to be on the edge of the rocks as “landed” and creates the feeling at the Viewer as if he would just plunge into the abyss. Quickly the environment evolved into an industrial area; This led to the strong contamination of the Bogotá River and had long-term adverse effects on the burgeoning tourism. This once popular tourist destination has gradually lost importance, and the hotel was closed.