Weiberfastnacht In Cologne – How Is Celebrated There

Monday in Cologne, Germany

What can be done about on Weiberfastnacht in Cologne…

Even if you don’t come from Cologne, you know, that it is generally not a good idea for men to run with a necktie on fat Thursday by Cologne maybe.

Known also as a woman Thursday, this is a date which many interesting, funny and frightening some things can happen. This is so for the tourists, because they are simply not very used to the usual rituals.

Weiberfastnacht Cologne – the passion to celebrate breaking all the rules

Weiberfastnacht Cologne eye mask Carnival 2015

While little can save you. If you go to a business meeting or a Conference, thinking you are spared of this ritual, you’re wrong. On fat Thursday in Cologne you go to work dressed. If you are in the car and at least a Carnival accessory, then you be looked at funny, evil part. So don’t expect anything “Normal”, because the passion to celebrate all rules breaks and the Joie de vivre here came to the climax. You waiting here all year long.

How do women spend the Weiberfastnacht in Cologne

Mardi and the Bützchen (Kiss)

Well, if the tie is cut you off, there’s also a reward. You get a Buetzchen. So everything on fat Thursday is not so bad. Actually you can keep ready the best some ties in such a case, to get lots of rewards… And who knows what will ultimately result.

With scissors in hand

Weiberfastnacht 2015 scissors tie cutting off

It is good, if one is prepared and forewarned, and not necessarily took the most expensive ties.

So celebrate women

Weiberfastnacht in Cologne 2015

The Weiberfastnacht in Cologne, facing reduced working hours

If you have to do some business in Cologne on fat Thursday and believe that this will be easy, then you’re wrong but pretty strong. Because everywhere you meet on reduced working time. Carnival is all on Weiberfastnacht in Cologne, even more than on other days! Even at the University, to subordinate the program of this old tradition.

Fun Carnival costumes

Rose Monday is high point of Carnival season

Dressed up as Smurfs

Weiberfastnacht Cologne Carnival costumes ideas Smurfs

Latest from 13: 00 will get you anywhere on closed offices and shops. Rather, put the work on the time before or after the Carnival. Sit with your tie intended specially for the occasion in a bar with delicious beer in hand. Best ladies who sit there already, you should be nice… As pointed out above, very likely get a Buetzchen?

Cut the man necktie – so the tradition is

know Carnival tie cutting off tradition

As with the Carnival and the Weiberfastnacht in Cologne began actually?

Everything has a much more serious beginning, as many people think. Mardi has begun in 1824 in Beuel. At one point there next to the Rhine, the Sun seemed the longest. While men were celebrating Carnival, women with very much laundry there had to stand.

With blue wigs and Scmetterlingsdiademen

know Carnival 2015 woman Thursday in Cologne

in 1824, formed the women of the laundry the so-called old women’s Committee and stormed the city. So, what do you think – if you know how women are fought through to fat Thursday in Cologne, everything looks different, or?

Must take a photo in front of Cologne Cathedral

Weiberfastnacht Cologne before of the Cathedral

And let it RIP!

Weiberfastnacht in Cologne before of the Cathedral

In the retro-look

Weiberfastnacht Cologne Cathedral Carnival costumes ideas

In giraffes costumes

Weiberfastnacht Cologne Cathedral Carnival ideas giraffe

The Cologne Carnival parade

Monday in Cologne Weiberfastnacht Cologne parade

Planning a trip to Cologne for the upcoming Carnival. Determines you will have fun

Weiberfastnacht Cologne Carnival Cathedral