What Helps Against Sunburn? -Optimal Sun Protection For Your Skin

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What helps against sunburn?

The weather is beautiful, the more leisure we spend outdoors, and very fond. Slowly you can detect the coming summer and the anticipation rises with every sunny day. Now are we so on it and off the Sun with all your senses to enjoy that we fully forget the sunscreen. It may not be! The Sun can give us but a broad smile in the face, but she’s definitely not harmless. We remember that unfortunately far too late, when the skin turns red already.

To help prevent a sunburn, you should take seriously the topic of “Sunscreen” and follow some basic rules. You will soak up the Sun and at the same time protect your skin from premature aging and sunburn…

Some important tips for optimal sun protection

What helps against sunburn UV radiation protection

You want to be always well protected from the Sun, then you remember the following: the Sun is burning! Whether you on the balcony drinking your morning coffee, a walk down the street or in the Park, camping in the mountains or lying on the beach – in all these cases, you need an appropriate sunscreen.

So never, underestimate the UV rays and well prepare “out”!

The following items are not only summer accessories, but your weapons on sunny days:

∴ Coneflower

∴ Sunglasses

∴ Sunscreen

Pack the bags, for your summer holiday, you should forget any of your weapons. Enjoy the Sun properly and avoid the “burning ball” in the middle of the day, when the UV radiation is strongest.

Necessarily have sunscreen in your beach bag

what helps against sunburn summer sun Beach

In fact, the skin is not completely unprotected from the Sun. You probably know that there are 4 types of skin, which are differently vulnerable to sunburn. Depending on the type of skin, the skin’s own protection time takes from 10 to 30 minutes. Basically you apply – depending on your skin is brighter, with the less sun protection time.

The length of the sun tanning session depends on your skin type and the intensity of the Sun

what helps against sunburn sunscreen test remedy for sunburn

Exposed skin with sunscreen lotion

The right sun protection factor (SPF) for you is directly linked with your type of skin (skin type test). Light skin types need a higher sun protection factor (SPF 30 or 50). For dark skin reaches a low sun protection factor (SPF 20 or 10). These numbers refer to the individual protection against UV-B radiation, which is namely responsible for sunburn. The UV-A radiation but raises long-term damage for the skin such as skin aging and skin cancer. That’s why pay attention also to the UV-A logo that is in the shape of a circle on the sunscreen products. The UV-A protection factor should be approximately one-third of the UV-B protection factor.

Which sunscreens are there?

To enable an optimal sun protection for all skin types, the market offers a wide range of sunscreens. Depending on your own preferences, you can opt for one of the following products:

∴ Sunscreen – the high fat content of the cream provides a very effective sun protection

∴ Suntan lotion – nourishes the skin particularly well

∴ Gel – contains little fat and as a result it is very well suited for oily skin

∴ Spray – can be easily spread on the skin

Be generous when applying the selected means of Sun protection and forget you not nachzucremen

what helps against sunburn sunscreen products sunscreen test

Please do not forget Sun Hat!

Without a hat, it can be dangerous for you in summer and especially on the beach. With a straw hat, you are already well armed and better protected against UV radiation.

Also, make sure that the UV radiation not only for the skin is harmful, but also for the hair. With a suitable UV spray, you can protect your hair against the Sun and the salty sea water.

With a straw hat on his head, you are well protected from the Sun

What helps against sunburn don't forget Sun Hat

The sunglasses are not only a great fashion accessory

Just like skin and hair, your eyes need special protection. Here, vanity plays no role. UV light causes not only folds, but is also extremely harmful for the health of your eyes.

The glasses are larger and darker, your eyes are the protected

what helps against sunburn sunglasses UV rays protection eyes

Sun protection for the whole family

For children the protection mechanisms of the skin are not fully developed and therefore the children’s skin is particularly sensitive to UV radiation. Nevertheless, children spend much more time in the Sun than adults and therefore they need a special sunscreen. Thick cream delicate children’s skin with a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 50), protects against UV-A radiation. Special child creams are water resistant, moisturising and without perfume and preservatives.

Babies and one-year children may be exposed to never direct sun. Protect your little ones also with special UV – protective clothing and leave them only for a short time in the Sun, and not to the middle of the day!

Sunburns in children age increase the risk of skin cancer later

what helps against sunburn summer sun children

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