What Indian Spices Should Not Lack In Your Kitchen?

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Indian cooking traditional Indian spice cardamom

Indian spices – what you could not miss in the kitchen

Healthy eating must be also varied. That’s for sure. The era of globalization it gives us the chance to recoup from the treasure boxes of different cultures. India is definitely not to miss. The special character of the local cooking tradition in large part is made out by the spices. You create the incredible exotic taste, which is to be confused with any other.

Indian recipes with following spices

Indian cooking traditional Indian spices

So that Indian food is also Indian tastes, you need the following spices

Indian cooking Indian vegetable Curry of cardamom

Indian spices and the climate of the country

The climate in the country and the natural conditions make possible the surplus production of spices in this country. Indian spices find themselves in their full diversity in everyday life as well as in the special dishes. By which other culinary culture can be said because, that she has developed the potential of spices to this extent? We think actually no competition. So, it’s no wonder that Indian spices are so famous.

Cardamom, cumin, cloves, coriander, saffron…

Indian cooking Indian spices Curry saffron pepper

Indian food traditional Indian spices

The taste of India

Indian cooking Indian spices

Curry has the leading role in the Indian spices

Let’s start with curry. This is yet the most representative among the Indian spices. The blend of spicy and sweet taste is super exciting and interesting. It will be won by the leaves of a tree with the same name. The spice is less fresh and in most cases in the form of powder. In the latter case it is obtained by drying. You have several different variations of this spice even in the rough State. Some particular specialties are prepared with Red Curry.

Curry are also liquid extracts and pasta.

Curry powder

Indian cooking Indian spices Curry spice

Indian food cooking

Indian cooking Indian dishes

Cardamom for tea and other goodies

We now move to an another representative of Indian spices. Cardamom is derived from green pods of the special kind. The seeds, which are therein, are essential for any kitchen. It is added to different kinds of tea.


Indian cooking Indian spice cardamom

You can enjoy the more flavor the rice and baking recipes. The cardamom is one of the most expensive Indian spices at all.

Cardamom and cloves

Indian cooking Indian spice cardamom clove


Caraway seed is obtained from special bushes, which are at home in India. Sometimes, even whole caraway leaves are used in cooking. They have a sweet, slightly spicy taste.

Caraway and cumin powder

Indian cooking Indian spices caraway

Cumin seeds

Indian food Indian spices caraway


We continue our tour of the Indian spices with the coriander. Did you know that it is derived from a spice, which belongs to the family of carrots? Only the seeds of this spice are described as coriander. The leaves have a completely different use.


Indian cooking Indian spices Kariander

Coriander seeds, fresh coriander leaves, and coriander powder

Indian cooking traditional Indian spices Kariander


Today, we will complete our representation of Indian spices with the appearance of Saffron. It is one of the most popular delicacy ingredients of around the world. Saffron is obtained by a plant native to Asia. It is characterized by a specific, sharp taste. Saffron is also part of the very expensive spices. It can be explained that by the cost of production for the most part. 110 000-165 000 flowers are necessary in order to make a kilo. So could you explain now the sometimes cosmic rates 1600 euro per kilo?

Used saffron primarily for sweets in India

Indian cooking Indian vegetable Safron

Traditional Indian spices – cardamom, clove, coriander, cinnamon and cumin

Indian cooking Indian spices cloves cinnamon cardamom saffron coriander

Directly on the market

Indian cooking Indian spices market

Indian spices in European cuisine

Indian cooking Indian spices diversity

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