What Is The Secrets Of Water World – Under The Sea Surface?

Let us take a look beneath the surface

Usually, it exhibits the popular artworks of the talented sculptor in museums, parks or on the streets of major cities, so these impressive sculptures and statues for the general public are easily accessible. Hide deep in the dark, enveloped in mystery waters around the globe but more countless works of art, whose mysterious history and strong messages to the exploration of the world of water lure. Every year, pulls this little-known underwater magic captivated thousands of divers and inaugurated it in her deep hidden secrets! From an unusual angle revealed a lovely on sight under water; the valuable art treasures are called to life and remind us to our commitment for the protection of the ocean! All must participate in the fights against the pollution of the waters, because biodiversity needs our invaluable help and support!

In the next few lines we introduce a few interesting underwater figures, that could serve as an outlandish idea for your next destination!

The beautiful, slender figure of Amphitrite, Poseidon’s wife, and the shape of the reef guardian form a respect the divers delight 15 m. deep in the water near the Cayman Islands. Despite their obvious grace the elegant Mermaid has a really amazing weight 272 kg.! How are the two works of art but came into the world? Because Jay and Nancy Easterbrook wanted to turn their dive into a real magnet for visitors, they came up with the idea for the unusual marine life as a profitable marketing strategy. A few months later the two mythological figures in the hands of the Canadian sculptor of Simon MORIS emerged. Depriving the breath out of the divers, they serve also to charity – a certain percentage of money by diving fee is any immersion for an environmental fund for the preservation of the underwater world.

The water world has to reveal many unexpected secrets

explore water world and enjoy

This slim and delicate at first glance figure of the mermaid is waiting for the ocean floor on curious divers like a fairytale appearance

Water world come close

The imposing figures apply not only as a tourist attraction, but to remind us of our responsibility of nature and the environment compared to us

of the guardians of the reef guarded seabed

“When the sunshine brings the colourful nuances from the rich pallete of growing on the statues of underwater plants to light, feels at once overwhelmed by this spectacular view!” Jason Taylor is an English sculptor and creator of the world’s first underwater Museum! Located near Cancún, in the southeastern part of Mexico’s convey his over 500 figures their important messages, raise burning questions today and move the contemporary political and ecological problems of modern society in our focus!
The statue of Atlas in the Bahamas is considered the greatest underwater figure of the Earth and is another masterpiece of Taylors. With a weight of 60 tons and shocked at the same time this unique shape. They emphasized the lack of the vital protection of the oceans and their biodiversity and calls on us to take the necessary measures as quickly as possible! In the immediate vicinity of the figure, there is an oil refinery, whose hazardous dreck on the coral reef will be thrown away. Because the oil around the sculpture floats, Taylor hopes that tourists and Government will exert greater pressure on the refinery and find an alternative landfill.

Water world – near the Bahamas is the largest underwater sculpture

the largest underwater sculpture

The artwork was submerged end of 2014, its installation place was cleverly selected

under water greatest masterpiece

Cristo degli abissi (Christ of the abysses) in the Bay of San Fruttuoso, Liguria on the same square, was erected where the first Italian sub divers Dario Gonzatti 1950 lost his life in a diving accident. The 2, 5 m. high bronze statue of Christ is located 10 deep under the Meeresoberfäche and attracts every year thousands of visitors who want to pay their last respects those, who have dedicated their lives to the exploration of the underwater world and never gave up on this burning passion!

With its highly-stretched arms, Christ receives all diving enthusiastic visitors

the sculpture visited on the mesiten

the underwater of wonders of Christ

Jason Taylor and his characters inhabit the seabed since 2006

cancun Mexico and its sights

Water world – the fun game of sunlight and water invites the colourful corals to dance

the beauty of nature

In the course of time created a unique aesthetic effect

amazing shapes and color combinations

The sculptures are worked out down to the smallest detail, the last and most important element has been included by the water itself

interesting skulturen under water

very interesting play of light and water

Taylor’s figures triggered numerous discussions in recent years because they are expressing different burning aspects of our everyday life

the spectacular museum under water

In an interesting and innovative way the characters express the myriad priority problems of our society

the English sculptor and his art

The statues trigger strong emotions in the Viewer by their expressivity and make him think about his view of the world

the strong message of the characters

The figures seem to like her thoughts to be frozen

an amazing art in Mexico

You might recognize water world – in many of those

make a photo

jason taylor and his masterpieces

discover masterpieces under water

the underwater world discover their secrets

Dive and discover a new water world

dive in and discover a new world

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