Why Should You Travel Time To Tibet?

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Why should you travel time to Tibet?

Tibet is a mysterious place. Many people travel there for a deep intellectual reason. But the motives are very individually and often not easy to share with other people. Although Tibet represents a traditional spiritual destination, why people actually then have to travel if it is more or less something mystical.

Undertake a cultural journey to Tibet

temple culture travel travel to Tibet

We are now trying a bit to reveal this secret. So you can see why you should also may travel to Tibet and whether it is at all important to you.

Tibet – map and neighbouring countries

neighbouring countries travel to Tibet map

Tibetans on the road

locals travel to Tibet

Locals – mother with children

indigenous population, children and mother travel to Tibet

Beautiful nature

The encounter with nature is one of the most effective methods for the positive influence of the own subconscious. The landscape of Tibet is predestined for this to get people to turn inward to their own and to look deeply into the soul of its own.

Thanks to the plateau, which is surrounded by mountains, you have the feeling of comfort and exclusiveness.

Please visit one of the world’s highest and most Mystic mountains the Himalayas – South.

Discover the wonderful nature of Tibet

travel to Tibet nature and culture

Life in the wild

culture travel travel to Tibet wild nature

Live in harmony with nature

animals nature pictures travel to Tibet nature

The capital city of Lhasa

This is one of the highest capital cities in the world. You feel like in heaven. This is also actually true – you are surrounded from all sides by clouds. The climate is rough and a feeling that is on the verge of real results from all these circumstances indeed.

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet

travel to Tibet capital Lhasa Temple and building

Located in the city

travel to Tibet capital Lhasa

Ancient culture and traditions

The ancient traditions of the country can be felt in the air. They feel the legacy of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions in the behaviour and the customs of the people, the architecture, in the style of life.

Everything feels less material and focused on the spiritual.

A temple in Tibet

travel to Tibet cultural tour rock temple

How do we get the bestennach Tibet?

The country was isolated a long time and because of this, there’s still not so many convenient direct links from Central Europe. You arrive the easiest via China. If you have fear of flying and health problems, which is not highly recommended. There are usually extreme turbulence.

There are out of China the opportunity to travel with train. This is a longer, but much more pleasant Variant.

Religion plays a big scooter in this country

travel to Tibet capital of Lhasa's Barkhor

Where should we make a stopover?

The country is now very well prepared for tourists. Accommodation options range from simple tents to great hotels with full Board.

You have something for every situation. You decide you want to be as close to nature or whether you want to keep your usual comfort in a way.

Close to nature

Trek Kailash travel to Tibet


In addition to the spiritual experience, you can experience very much beautiful in Tibet also from a historical perspective. There are a number of historic buildings and other sights. Here are some interesting examples that could give you a good taste.

Buildings and other sights

Lhasa Potala travel to Tibet capital of Palace


The name of the main town means “City of the gods”. One of the most famous attractions is the Potala Palace here.  Very long time this was the main residence of the Dalai Lama. The Palace is the symbol of the local architecture and has but exceptionally large dimensions. The building rises 13 floors and reaches a height of 115 metres.

Lhasa – city of the gods

capital travel to Tibet Lhasa Lhasa Tibet Potala Palace

Where is the external appearance of the Palace is not as impressive as the Interior. Inside, you will experience a rich urban style. You see many unique pieces of value and works of art.

The majestic Potala Palace

Temple travel to Tibet capital of Lhasa Potala

The Jokhang Temple

This is a Temple – Sanctuary! Thousands of worshippers come here every year. From architectural perspective, Jokhang Temple is a true monument of ancient architecture that prevailed here before the modernization of the cities has begun.

Jokhang Temple – monument of ancient architecture

Jokhang travel to Tibet templeJokhang travel to Tibet Temple Buddhist monks


This is a wonderful place that is very suitable for mediation, self-reflection and long walks. On its territory, the summer palace of Dalai Lama is Lama, as well as a lake and a zoo.

The summer palace of Dalai in Norbulingka is Lama

Norbulingka travel to Tibet temple


Kailash is one of the symbols of Tibet. There is located the Gangdisê mountains. The Buddhists believe that lives on one of its inaccessible peaks the reincarnation of Buddha.

Kailash – one of the symbols of Tibet

pilgrimages to Tibet capital Lhasa KailashKailash travel to Tibet Buddha mountain home

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