Why You Should At Least Once In Life Visits Bombay India

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Bombay India Mumbay gate colonial architecture

The gate of Mumbai in Bombay, India

Mumbai and Bombay are, as we all know, the two well-known names in one and the same city in Western India. But not only. Mumbai is also a big attraction there. It’s a work of architecture in India’s recent history. Mumbai is a great and large dimensioned city gate dating back to 1942.

At the head of Apollo Bunder

The Mumbai gate is located in the Southern District. It topped another sight – Apollo Bunder. It’s the eastern coastline of the city, which looks like a maze of dock and wharfage.

Magnificent views of Mumbai gate and hotel Taj Mahal

Bombay India Mumbai gate

This architecture work striking for Bombay India represents a symbol of the city’s colonial history. As it probably is known to all us, it served for it to symbolize the strength of the ruling powers. At the same time, the Mumbai gate symbolizes the connection of India with the English culture. We tell you why this is so, just.

Sexy and fabulous in the evening

Bombay India Mumbai gate at night

Yes, this architecture work has an interesting history. Approximately 31 000 dollars were invested in its construction by the Indian Government.

Venue for large celebrations

A concrete reason behind the construction of the gate of Mumbai. That was the visit of King George and Queen Mary in the city. The first module was created in 1911. Typical for the buildings of colonial architecture, we recognize the influence of diverse building traditions on Mumbai gate.

Many celebrations and festivities took place here

Bombay India Mumbai gate light festivals

That has been the official entrance to the city. Kings and famous visitors to see this architecture work as first tourist attraction in the city, just after their arrival there. On the 28.02.1948, the withdrawal of the last British troops was celebrated at the gateway of Mumbai in Bombay.

The architecture

The architect combines elements of European neoclassical architecture with Hindu and Muslim elements

Bombay India Mumbai gate history

As the material you use yellow basalt and stone concrete mix. The stone is Indian, what contributes to the distinctive character of the building.

The arcade is 26 metres high. The central dome shows 15 meters in the diameter and reaches 25 meters at their highest points.

Other important tourist attraction – the Victoria terminus train station

Bombay India Victoria terminus station

The Siddhivinayak Temple

Bombay India Mumbai Temple Siddhivinayak

The proud city administration in the colonial-style building

Bombay India Mumbai municipality

The modern neighborhoods with parks and skyscrapers

Bombay India Mumbai skyscraper Beach

Women negotiate the fishing market

Bombay India Mumbai fishermen market

Ganesh Utsav is one of the most important festivals in Mumbai

Bombay India Mumbai Ganesh Utsav Festival

The young generation eagerly worships the old traditions

Bombay India Mumbai children young generation

Many street performances is often presented

Bombay India Mumbai Street appearance children

On the long promenade relax in good company

Bombay India Mumbai promenade

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