World Travel – 10 Unique Places That You Should Visit

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Looking for a new unforgettable travel destination?

We live in a world full of beautiful surprises. These are great moments, events, unexpected, but beautiful meeting. The great surprises can have also a different form. These are the beautiful landscapes and wonders of nature. They are spread all over the world. They are also one of the reasons why so many people every day leave your homes, to the wide world to know better!

Some of these landscapes arise naturally. Others are a joint work of man and nature. We will show you some such places that maybe you will include in your world dream itinerary.

The Zhangye Danxia Geopark

This Geopark is located in China. It is characterized by the coloured hills which appear like a painting. The Park is located near the city of Zhangye, in Gansu province. This unique geomorphology is typical only of China and can be detected in any other country.

Discover the natural wonders of China!

world travel china danxia zhangye destination Asia

Here you can see beautiful formations of sandstone and other minerals. They needed more than 25 million years to achieve this look.

Trips around the world give life an incomparable adventure touch

world travel china desert zhangye danxia Asia destination colorful hills

Magical landscape to dream

weltreisen Rainbow zhangye desert china danxia

Hidden rivers and scenic canyons

world travel china Asia Rainbow zhangye danxia mountain river

The gardens of Kawachi Fuji

These Japanese Gardens are a wonderful sight. It is worth to visit. Here you will discover the largest flower tunnel in the world.

They consist of more than 20 different types of vines that originated in Asia.

Most gardens Kawachi Fuji are visited may in April and mid.

Stunning flowers in purple

world tour japan Asia kawachi fuji garden

Fairytale romance of flowers

japan world travel destination kawachi fuji garden

Gorgeous Wisteria invites you to linger

world travel japan kawachi fuji garden

The chocolate hills (“chocolate Hills”) in the Philippines

This is the most visited attraction on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. It’s about more than 100 hills that look as if they consist of chocolate. Researchers are still not completely agree about your origin and geological features. You remain a mystery.

This Hill at the same time tasty and unrealistic from, isn’t it?

world travel destination Asia Phillippines chocolate hills bohol chocolate hills

It’s almost like a landscape from the “LOTR”

world travel destination Philippines bohol chocolate hills

The Plitvice Lakes National Park

There are a number of beautiful national parks in Croatia. The Plitvice Lakes National Park, however, shows a unique character. There are more than 20 thousand hectares with many natural waterfalls and lakes. The local flora and fauna are abundant and very well preserved. Happy travelers can see even bears early in the morning.

Croatia has much to offer also the traveler

world travel Europe travel Plitvice Lakes Croatia

A piece of paradise on Earth

world travel Europe Croatia Plitvice waterfalls

world travel Europe Croatia destination Plitvice Lakes

Fly geyser, as fly Ranch geyser known

This attraction was created by man and nature together. She is still a proof of the fact that both can work together well. The fly geyser is located in Nevada, in the United States. It has provided geothermal exploration in this region. The geyser was created as a result of an accident. Its unique shape and dimensions are the result of the solidification of the minerals in the water. The color comes from the algae that develop in moist areas at high temperature.

Enormous power potential to admire

world travel America usa nevada fly geyser

Mystical Dreaminess at sunrise

world travel usa fly ranch geyser wonders destination

On the day of the geyser looks almost unreal

world travel usa nevada fly ranch geyser destination

Salar de Uyuni

This landmark is located in Bolivia. It represents a huge salt pan. Still it’s the largest mirror surface all over the world. For the lovers of photography, we would recommend be sure to travel. You will have many opportunities to play with light and perspective.

Infinite cloud landscape

world travel Bolivia salar de uyuni desert destination

Soft shades of sky above the water

world travel South America travel destinations salar de uyuni Bolivia

Salt extraction in a natural way

world travel destination South America Bolivia salt desert salar de uyuni

Lençóis Maranhenses (sheets of Maranhäo)

This is the most incredible place in the world for many world travelers. A large number of people therefore sees it as a compulsory destination for their trips around the world.

These wide, beautiful dunes an area of 1550 sq km and were declared a national park in 1981. This featured area is located in the North of Brazil.

Blue lagoons and white sand

Lençóis Maranhenses lagoons destination Brazil

Lençóis Maranhenses Blue Lagoon

Kite fans from around the world gather here every year

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park lagoons kite

Hidden Beach

Hidden beach resort you can also known as beach of love. It’s a hidden Bay on the Mexican Islands. This town is on the UNESCO list of the unique natural landscapes. Here also the observation of dolphins and other animals is possible.

Discover the ultimate Beach romance

world travel hidden beach Mexico Islands nature wonders of the world

world travel destination Mexico puerto vallarta hidden beach

world travel destination Mexico hidden beach

The Silfra column

To visit this natural phenomenon, visit the National Park Thingsvellier in Iceland. You can dive deep as 100 metres of this special place. The Silfra column appears as a large swimming pool. This is one of the two famous places in the world where you can swim between continental tectonic plates.

A diving paradise for real connoisseurs

Silfra column island dive destination

silfra, island nature destination column

Silfra column island landscape dive

The Naica mine

The Naica mine or the cave of the crystals is located in the North of Mexico. It was originally thought it would be a normal mine for copper, zinc and silver. But then, this village became known for their incredible appearance. She looks alien – as if you would have removed them from a sci-fi movie! The large formations are huge crystals. Some can reach a size of up to 11 m.

Are you already planning your next trips around the world? We hope that we could give you good tips for this through these wonderful pictures.

Here you may however only with the appropriate equipment and experienced leadership in

mine of naica Crystal cave

mine of naica Mexico crystals destination

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