World Travel Plan – Visit The Most Beautiful Zoos In The World!

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World travel to the most beautiful zoos in the world

A possible Guide for your next world tour were the most exciting zoos of the world? Surely, the idea is just fantastic for all nature lovers!  We provide you with our selection of some of the best zoos in the world today. Maybe we can inspire you to a kind of world travel.

The zoos are of course in some of the cities in the world and that makes the subject more attractive.

Toronto Zoo

This Zoo cover 287 hectares. You can watch more than 5,000 different species. Including, for example, many residents of Savannah and even some typical species of Siberia are to see.

Pedestrian zones have a total length of more than 10 km. In addition to the wildlife, there are many other entertainment options at the Toronto Zoo.

One of the largest and most interesting zoos of the world

world tour plan toronto Canada zoo

world travel planning Canada toronto zoo panda

World Tour plan panda zoo toronto Canada

Zoo in Singapore

The surface of this zoo garden is 28 hectares. Here many different species live in natural conditions. You feel like in the jungle. The animals are separated by the people through natural interlocking, such as waterfalls or densely vegetated areas. Some of the harmless species, especially birds and lots of monkeys live here are free. Some people feel so safe that they can be stroked by man with hand.

Exoticism and pure adventure

world tour plan zoo Singapore Asia travel

the world tour plan zoo Singapore travel Asia

zoo Singapore Monkey family plan world trip

Zoo Bronx

The area of this zoo garden of 107 hectares. These are more than 1000 square kilometres. The animals are more than 650 the number, the special thing is that many of them are threatened with extinction. One of the peculiarities of this zoo is the railway line, thanks to which we can visit a larger area in a short time.

Give an unforgettable city trip with visit to the Zoo

bronx zoo, United States of America travel plan world trip

bronx zoo usa travel ideas plan world trip

world tour plan bronx zoo world travel destinations usa

San Diego Zoo

This Zoo is located in California. In addition to the many animals, there are as many sculptural attractions. There are for example elephants, tailored in thickets. The real animal species are more than 800. This is the first Zoo in the world, which has introduced the practice to let the animals run free.

You can experience many of the animals up close

world tour plan san diego California usa jaguar

world tour plan san diego zoo California reies

world tour Meerkat plan san diego zoo United States

Berlin Zoo

If you would like to visit one of the largest Zoo Gardens in the world, you travel easily to Berlin. The Berlin Zoo was founded in 1944. Today it is visited by more than three million tourists annually. The area of the Berlin Zoo is approximately 35 hectares. Here, there are almost 2000 animals of 500 different species.

The Berlin Zoo is definitely a must for your city trip

Zoological Garden Berlin zoo entrance plan world trip

plan world trip Berlin zoo penguins

world tour plan Berlin zoo Zoological Garden hippos

Zoo in Basel

This is one of the oldest zoos in the world. It opened in 1874, is located in the Centre of Basel and 1.6 thousand tourists visit each year. In it, you can watch very many differently interesting animal species.

Here be sure to visit the Oceanarium

plan world trip basel zoo ozeanium large crab

world tour plan basel zoo penguins walk

Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna

This is also a very old zoo. This zoo was founded in 1752. He has survived two world wars and accommodates today more than 500 different species. 1.6 million tourists annually visit the Vienna Zoo.

Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest Zoo in the world actually

world tour plan zoo Vienna tiergarten Austria travel

world tour plan tiergarten Schönbrunn-Vienna Austria

world tour plan Vienna zoo Schönbrunn city travel Austria

National Zoo in Pretoria

This zoo was founded in 1899. You need at least a whole day to visit him really well. Best you take some of those. The Zoo has a very interesting collection of reptiles, fish, birds, and amphibians.

Experience the colourful life of South Africa

plan world trip pretoria zoo in South Africa colorful ara parrots

world tour plan pretoria zoo South Africa lion

plan world trip wildlife Antelope pretoria zoo in South Africa

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