You Can Discover The Beauty Of The Old City Sights In Gdansk

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Attractions and other charming sites of Gdańsk

The demands of the tourists are not so many more accurately seen. They want sea, which you can enjoy in good weather. Still, they are interested in interesting, fascinating historic towns. You’ll love the modern cities and resorts, which are characterized by an exciting nightlife.

You can experience all of these things in Gdańsk. This is a tourist destination, which surprises many tourists with varied character.

Attractions in Gdańsk

Gdansk sights in Gdansk

Holidays in Poland

Gdańsk's old town pictures sights in Gdansk

Gdansk – an ancient city of steeped in history

Gdańsk's old town sights in Gdansk

Danzig at night

Gdańsk's old town night life

The history of the city

First, the visitors will be impressed by the quiet atmosphere in Gdańsk. You mean they were like in a different epoch. Although many buildings suffered damage during the centuries, but many buildings were also restored.

The effort has paid off, because there are buildings which have been built 1300 years ago in Gdansk. There’s also notable monuments from different eras of construction and at the same time find neighborhoods, in which modern life is raging.

Once through the town

attractions in Gdańsk Widok na Dluga w Gdansku


The Artur-Hof is located in the old town, it is between 13 and 16.Jahrhundert built. This is a brick architectural complex, which puts you in the epoch of the middle ages. There are many legends, which tell of the Knights and King Arthur himself. You make even more interesting to visit this attraction.

In this historic place, very large festivals were organized in the past. Today, you can visit major art collections.

Located in the city

attractions in Gdańsk old building

The ten-meter-high chimney is a real attraction. This great work of art is completely covered with tile tile…

You can visit these sites at all times of the day. The admission is free.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the city

attractions in Gdańsk well

Fountain of Neptune

The Artur-Hof is located the fountain of Neptune, one of the oldest attractions in Poland. This deity is reminiscent of the strong connection of the city with the sea. The sculpture was created in 1633. She was then enriched by many different artists, that added different ornaments and new elements to this sculpture.

The delicate lattice fence, which surrounds the monument comes from a later time.

Neptune fountain – one of the oldest attractions in Poland

attractions in Gdańsk Neptun fountain

The 15th-century town hall

In many cities, which have arisen in the middle ages, there is an old and a new town hall. There are two historic city hall building in Gdansk. This building, which was built in the 15th century considered to be the greater attraction. It bears many signs of Gothic architecture, but it is also enriched with Renaissance elements.

The Town Hall in Gdansk

attractions in Gdańsk old building City Hall

The crane in Gdansk

The crane is one of the hallmarks of Gdańsk and it is located on the Motława River. So that opens up a beautiful prospect, would have to go to the other side of the promenade. Alternatively, you can take the ferry and enjoy the flow in this way.

The crane is one of the hallmarks of Gdańsk

attractions in Gdańsk pictures

Along the motława River in Gdańsk

sights in Gdansk old town Gdansk

St. Mary’s Church and Cathedral Oliva (Church of the Holy Trinity)

There are many church buildings in Gdańsk, which is worth a visit. We recommend you to visit especially the Marie gate and the Oliwa Cathedral. Both churches attract annually more than 25 thousand visitors.

St. Mary’s is a typical construction of the Gothic style, it was built within a longer period of time, namely between 1343 and 1502. The building is a striking example of brick architecture in this region. Despite heavy damage from the year 1946, many elements of the original design have been preserved.

St. Mary’s Church and Cathedral

attractions in Gdańsk St. Mary's Church, Gdańsk

The first construction works at the Cathedral in Oliva (Church of the Holy Trinity) go even further back in time. The Cathedral was actually already in the 12th century. A large part of its magnificent interior decoration dates back to the 16th century.

Special attention is always the great organ of the 18th century. This is a very important sculptural works of the Baroque era.

About the sights, Gdańsk offers many more great opportunities for walk and entertainment. These include the River promenade, the long market, the observation tower of the archaeological museum, etc.

All are just waiting to be discovered by new tourists!

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