Hiking In Mallorca – Tips For Beautiful Tours

Majorca is a popular tourist destination – for tourists who want a beautiful beach holiday as well as for hikers and adventurers. To find out in advance about his trip to Mallorca offers weg.de a travel guide for Mallorca to get useful information about

  • interesting places and regions,
  • the climate and weather,
  • current events,
  • the most beautiful sights and
  • the Mallorcan cuisine

contains. That’s how it works fantastic Mallorca vacation to plan. For those who would like to hike on Majorca, we have put together a few tour tips below.

The beautiful north of Mallorca

hiking in mallorca puerto pollensa

In the northeast: Hiking from La Mola to Cala Sant Vicenc

This hiking tour on the northeastern tip of Mallorca runs high above Cala Clara. It is varied, but is aimed at experienced hikers, because the tour is not properly signposted, but only marked with cairns. Among the highlights of this tour are the breathtaking panorama of the Cap de Formentor, the beautiful view of the bay of Cala Castell and the Vall de Ternelles and the unobstructed view of the unspoilt Punta Galera peninsula.

Cala Sant Vicenc

cala san vincente hiking in mallorca

In the north: hike on the Puig Tomir

The hike to the 1103 meter high Puig Tomir in the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana is quite lonely over large parts of the route. This mountain was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011. During the hike you will enjoy a great view of the bay of Pollenca and pass the ruined Finca Alcanella. The walk, which lasts about four and a half hours, is one of the most rewarding tours in Mallorca.

Puig Tomir summit in Serra de Tramuntana

puig tomir serra de tramuntana hiking in mallorca

In the northeast: Llevant Nature Park

In the northeast of the island of Mallorca lies the Llevant Natural Park. It is ideal for a long hike through the coastal mountains and always offers an impressive panorama of the coast. Special highlights of the tour are the panoramic summit Sa Tudossa, the almost deserted sandy beach Platja de Sa Font Celada, the view of the rolling bays of Pollença and Alcúdia as well as the former prison camp, which originates from the Spanish Civil War.

Hike through the Llevant Nature Park

hiking in mallorca natural park llevant

Platja de Sa Font Celada

Platja de Sa Font Celada hiking in Mallorca

In the east: hiking through Alcúdia

The peninsula Alcúdia combines beautiful beaches with magnificent mountains. Accordingly varied are the hiking tours here, which always offer unique panoramic views. Enjoy the great views of the bays of the 446 meter high Talaia d’Alcúdia, visit the old watchtower stump at the top of the mountain, admire the coast of the Platja des Coll Baix and rest in the cool shade of the pine trees.

Platja of the Coll Baix

hiking in mallorca platja of coll baix alcudia