Holiday 2017 – 3 Top Travel Destinations For Your Trip In December

Holiday is a charming word that keeps ringing in my ears. Do you feel the same way? However, just before the end of the year you have time to take a short cultural and city break or spend a great holiday in the mountains or on a southern seashore. Millions of people around the world dream daily of leaving for the holidays and spending one last vacation in 2017 with family, friends, as a couple or alone. Many want to get some fresh air or bring a fresh breeze into their partner relationship. So that you do not face the dilemma of where you can spend a relaxed and eventful holiday in 2017, today we have selected 3 top travel destinations for you, which are currently very topical and are expected to remain in demand next year. They are located in different places in Europe, but they are all worth seeing and fascinating. Are you coming on our virtual journey?

Hospitable and worth seeing is the Northern Irish capital Belfast also in winter

Holiday 2017 Belfast

  • Destination 1 for Holiday 2017: Belfast

Surely you can find many good reasons to visit the Northern Irish capital. Belfast can be explored in various ways and, in the end, it is the perfect holiday destination for true romantics and adventurous travelers. Here you can admire the imposing northern architecture of the city at the old town hall and relax on the green areas in front of it.

A visit to the Ulster Museum would be very interesting and impressive for all tourists. Here you can immerse yourself in the history of Ireland and you can follow the local development of craft and trade. But when it comes to recent history of the city, we must mention it immediately: unfortunately have deep political and social events for many years the reputation of the Northern Irish capital as a tourist destination ruined. This is recalled by the”Murals”, the colorful murals that cover high walls and still separate Catholic and Protestant quarters.

The city hall in Belfast is the landmark of the north-eastern capital and a popular meeting place for tourists


For the guests of Belfast there are many other, honestly romantic places. For the photo fans, we can recommend the historic city center, where you can take beautiful pictures between the brick facades of old houses. For anyone interested in shipbuilding, a visit to the Titanic Belfast Center is at the top of their to-do list. In text and image there is reported about the history of the ocean giant Titanic. The famous ship is now exactly where it was once built. If you want to get to know the life of the Belfast up close, you must visit the St. George Market. Numerous cozy places only confirm the impression of the hospitality of the inhabitants of the second largest northern city. In all seasons Belfast is worth a trip and has a lot to offer.

The second largest city in Ireland has a lot to offer its numerous guests and tourists, from long shopping tours to culinary temptations in cozy restaurants.

Belfast holidays 2017

The impressive architecture of the Town Hall impresses thousands of tourists in Belfast

Architecture Belfast

The brick facades of the old townhouses in Belfast have experienced good and bad times

Belfast City Hall imposing architecture

Holiday 2017 brick facades old town houses Belfast

However, if you are planning your 2017 holiday in December and do not want to spend a few days off to the north, we recommend it southern European destinations such as Lisbon (Portugal), Sevilla (Spain) and Bologna (Italy). These places can be explored for days and enjoy the temperate climate in December. Many European history and culture are just waiting to be discovered by the tourists. Do you want to travel there over Christmas or do you prefer a warmer place? Here comes our next travel tip for you!

The splendid Mediterranean climate can be enjoyed in Valletta in every season

Valletta Malta holidays 2017

There are a number of great ones Destinations in Southeastern Europe that are still not well developed. Some have been reported in a previous article. Today we would like to briefly introduce you to the capital of the Mediterranean island of Malta, which is worth a holiday in any season. If you want to visit and get to know the European Capital of Culture 2018 during your holidays in 2017, then you are welcome in Malta during the next non-working holidays!

Here you can eat Pastizzi and stroll along the main street

Valletta Malta vacation 2017 main street

  • Destination 2 for holidays 2017: Valletta – the pearl on the island of Malta

On the Mediterranean island of Malta you can experience a lot of eventful history, impressive architecture and culture in one place. Valletta is known as the smallest capital in Europe as it is located on a limited area of ​​the island. The city is surrounded by the sea on all three sides and is well fortified. Here the tourist meets every step of the way on traces of old town history. Behind the remains of high walls you can discover valuable works of architecture and culture. Strolling around the city is a great way to explore the city, as the historic monuments, museums and galleries are not far from each other.

The medieval architecture of Valletta city center is fascinating in every season

Architecture City Center Vallett

The city of Valletta was founded in 1566 and from this time still some buildings have been preserved that continue to tell the city’s history. Maybe you want to go to the National Museum of Malta or pay a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. In both buildings you will not be disappointed. You can visit historical finds and works of art from the Renaissance to modern times. A special interest among visitors and tourists awakens the St.John’s Co-Cathedral from the 16th century. Without a doubt, it is one of Valletta’s most popular attractions. In the interior, tourists admire the masterpieces of local Baroque art, including gilded arches and columns, beautiful ceiling paintings and Caravaggio’s famous painting Beheading of John the Baptist from the year 1608.

Pistizzi is everywhere in Malta

Valletta old houses

On holiday in 2017, Valletta has a lot to offer its many guests. And tasty of course! In the pubs of the city you can try local specialties that will spoil the palate and the senses. For the more adventurous we recommend taking a short detour to the surroundings of the city. Not far is the cave system, the Blue Grotto, which causes only admiration. This experience will surely stay in your memory for a long time.

Malta Valletta

The old town of Lucerne overlooking the river Reuss

Holidays 2017 Old Town Lucerne River Reuss

  • Destination 3 for holidays 2017: Lucerne and Lake Lucerne

However, many travelers do not want to fly so far during the Christmas holidays and prefer to spend their last holiday in 2017 in German-speaking countries. For such tourists, we have selected our third and most popular destination, the Swiss city of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne.

The city of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne are a popular holiday destination for 2017

Lucerne holidays 2017

The city is nestled on the northwestern shore of the lake and offers magnificent mountain views, delightful seascapes and lots of natural charm. Here is one of the oldest covered wooden bridges in Europe, the Chapel Bridge, which is often visited by tourists. This landmark and the historic and well-preserved Museggmauer are considered the landmarks of the city. In Lucerne is also the famous Lion Monument, which is visited annually by about 1.4 million tourists. The monument depicts a aspiring lion and is today an integral part of the cityscape. Also worth seeing is the clock tower at the town hall, which dates back to the Middle Ages and was formerly used as a prison. Noteworthy is the Lucerne Water Tower, which was built by the Emperor Frederick II in the form of octagon.

The Chapel Bridge is one of the oldest covered wooden bridges in Europe

Lucerne Switzerland holidays 2017

In the old town you can visit numerous historic houses, decorated with frescoes, visit picturesque squares, admire court churches and baroque buildings. Climbing, hikers and skiers get their money’s worth here. Lucerne is the gateway to the highlights of Central Switzerland. The wonderful climate of this region is influenced by Lake Lucerne and allows holidays and mountain tours throughout the year.

Well, have you already set a nice destination for your last holiday in 2017?

Here you can admire medieval castles and palaces

Holiday 2017 Lucerne

In the old town of Lucerne you can visit numerous historic houses

Holidays 2017 Old Town Lucerne historic houses