There Is The Perfect Holiday For Every Sign Of The Zodiac

Finally we have better weather outside and now almost every second German thinks about his well deserved annual holiday. Or maybe just a short stay in a nice place! After the long cold months you try the winter Blues successfully fight and recharge your batteries in the midst of nature or anywhere else in the world. Actually, today’s article is about places of interest around the world, but from a special point of view. After the last information and information of large travel agencies your next vacation is in the stars. Without realizing it or somehow feeling it, we choose a certain place of vacation, even without knowing it at all. Therefore, the experts say, many travelers and holiday seekers choose the location of their vacation trip depending on their zodiac sign. Which long-distance trips or short stays match the first 6 zodiac signs in the zodiac, we’ll tell you right away.

A holiday in Mexico is suitable for all zodiac signs and could be remembered for a long time

Mexico holidays

But do you know where the perfect vacation spot is for you? Each one of us selects their holiday destination according to their individual criteria, for example according to the weather conditions in a particular season on site, according to the category of hotels and restaurants there, according to their own budget or according to other personal preferences.

Without ever having been there, we choose our accommodation for the holidays. But how is it possible that the stars influence our choice? Yes, it is very complicated to explain, but it is so! You want to believe it or not. A fiery, energetic ram would certainly travel to Mexico while a romantic bull favors the cosmopolitan city of love Paris. And you? Which vacation spot would you consider the best for yourself? Just read on and only at the end of the article you can judge for yourself where to go next time.

Many people are attracted to vacation in the distance!

Zodiac Aquarius (January 21- February 19)

All born in Aquarius are trendsetters and visionaries with eclectic tastes, much like celebrities. They like to vacation in a big city, where a lot is going on. So why not in Los Angeles? That’s the best place to pretend that an Aquarius is a star (or just someone like that!). Villa Sophia in Los Angeles is the best place to stay for this zodiac sign. This is a Hollywood-worthy house in Los Angeles where an Aquarius could really splurge. There were even films made and the villa was shown in numerous TV shows.

An Aquarius would probably feel at Villa Sophia in Los Angeles

And if you were born in the sign of fish, then you would rather stay in Europe.

England holiday star sign

Zodiac Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Pisces characters are real dreamers who are always on the move. They long for it and always want to follow their imagination. So, if you were born between Feb 20th and March 20th then plan a journey without end and see where your path leads you. Definitely also to England! For example, Northampton is the perfect place to be in style. And you want that, right?

Fish want to be constantly on the move!

Zodiac Holiday Bus Car Northampton England

The fiery ram needs variety! But he can also appreciate the natural beauty all over the world.

Zodiac Resort

Zodiac Aries (March 21- April 20)

Aries are enthusiastic and are attracted to excitement. Aries is a fiery star sign governed by the planet Mars. That is, his vacation should be anything but boring. Are you a ram? Well, choose colorful accommodation in a lively area, like the Orange Sunset Villa in Puerto Vallarta. Spend a week or more in Mexico and get up close and personal with the exoticism of this country. There you must have the delicious ones Specialties of Mexican cuisine try.

Sunset Villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico awaits its guests!

Sunset Villa in Puerto Vallarta

Paris – the cosmopolitan city of love is the perfect place for a bull.

Zodiac holiday Paris Eiffel tower hallmark of the city

Zodiac Taurus (April 21- May 21)

People born in Taurus stand firmly on the ground. They are sometimes stubborn and know exactly how they are pursuing their goals. The representatives of this zodiac want to have a cozy home that combines comfort with luxury.

Palais Royal Appartement in Paris, France was built in the 17th century and today offers comfort and luxury in its facilities and interior design

Villa Sophia, Los Angeles Resort

While the bulls are very focused on their work, they also have a romantic side. However, this is always associated with practical benefits for the people in this zodiac sign. A luxurious apartment in central Paris would be the ideal accommodation for a bull. So he has during the day easy access to the main attractions of the French capital, such as the Louvre. In the evening, after a long day of discovery, he returns to a luxurious interior and feels at home on holiday.

Travelers like to travel to Australia are enthusiastically born in the Gemini Zodiac

Zodiac sign Gemini Australia Panoramic image from above Tasmania island

Twins (May 22- June 21)

Gemini are social butterflies that seek variety and do not want to commit to a style or a location. If you are a twin to the stars, choose a remote resort, such as the enchanting beaches of Tasmania. There are also beautiful little beach houses for enterprising vacationers. The front of the house retains the traditional colonial style. In stark contrast it stands for the modern glass that makes up the back of the house. This unique home is perfect for lively people in the Gemini Gemini!

A Colonial style house in Australia

Resort Australia Tasmania Townhouse colonial style

The same house but photographed from the back

Zodiac Gemini Australia House lot of glass open interior

Zodiac Cancer (June 22- July 22)

Crabs love the security and cosiness of their own home and feel bound to a place. Just like the important people in their lives. Crabs are looking for an affordable vacation where they can spend a while with friends and family and really recover from the stress of everyday work and the big city. For them, Dublin is the perfect vacation spot where crabs can rent a house in the town center. It should be inviting, comfortable, but not very expensive. Yes, financial sensitivity is especially important for this zodiac sign, so twins do not want to spend a lot of money on vacation.

The old city center of Dublin exudes warmth and coziness

Dublin Ireland cancer holidays

Here, a cancer would feel in the right place

Zodiac Cancer Resort Dublin city center luxurious apartment

Now the first 6 zodiac signs in the zodiac are clear, where the perfect vacation spot for them lies. Read the continuation of this article to learn more about the next 6 zodiac signs and their best possible vacation.

You would certainly like Paris, especially if you were born in Taurus

Zodiac bull Paris Notre Dame cathedral city panorama

Cozy beach houses in Tasmania invite surfers, swimmers and other vacationers.

Zodiac perfect vacation swimmer surfer Tasmania island Australia

In Ireland, romantic natures get their money’s worth!

Zodiac resort romantic nature ireland bridge sunset

Many want to fly far away on holiday to get to know new places first hand

Los Angeles star sign Aquarius perfect vacation city panorama