Where Is The Perfect Vacation Spot For These Zodiac Signs?

Now the typical spring weather prevails, gray sky, fog, a lot of rain, the daytime temperatures rise very slowly. Many people think of their next vacation or have already booked it. For many, it’s time to go on vacation! But have you ever wondered how it is possible to book a particular holiday destination for your vacation and ignore many other destinations? You may wonder, but your choice of destination also includes your star sign. Yes, we all want to choose the perfect holiday destination, guided by individual preferences and preferences, but also by the stars. For example, an adventurous shooter would rather book a small, secluded hotel on the edge of the woods. For the lion, that would not be appropriate, because he wants more luxury and entertainment. Where is the perfect holiday destination for you, depending on your zodiac sign, we want to show right away.

Nature often shows us its best side just on vacation.

Romantic vacation spot not far from Henry Island Washington State

We already have in another article about beautiful travel destinations for the first six star signs reported in the zodiac. Today we want to continue the topic. Here you can find out where lions, virgins and scales like to travel and which holiday people in the star sign Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn prefer to book. Here with us you read short information about tempting resorts that not everyone knows, but would like to visit with good opportunity.

Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised!

Even the Far East keeps many secrets hidden

Interesting holiday resort Hindu temple Bratan lake

The historic center of Zurich with the famous Fraumünster Monastery and the river Limmat attracts many tourists every year

Center of Zurich Fraumünster Monastery River Limmat interesting resort

Perfect vacation spot for Zodiac Leo (JULY 23- AUGUST 21)

Lions are clever, proud and generous. They want their homes to be beautifully and artistically decorated, which they expect to find on vacation. The Leo-born are always very hospitable and would like to go on vacation together with other friends. They need variety and entertainment, so the Lions prefer to book a luxurious hotel in the center of a beautiful city. For example, the first-class Le Bijou penthouse in Zurich would suit your temperament perfectly. There, guests will find an on-site rooftop hot tub, a fully equipped kitchen and a comfortable living room that can sleep up to 8 people. So who is coming?

Do you already know Switzerland?

Destination Zurich Switzerland Accommodation Le Bijou Penthouse

Or are you looking for a romantic holiday destination outside of Europe?

Romantic vacation spot outside Europe Villa Bambus Bali Indonesia

romantic resort for the Virgin (AUGUST 22 SEPTEMBER 23)

Virgins are analytical and practical, and their penchant for perfection is also crucial in choosing their destination. The perfect vacation spot for the Virgin needs a certain amount of romance and her accommodation will look like a carefully decorated home. It often pulls this star sign into the distance, so virgins like to book their holidays a little bit far away from home. For example, a cozy apartment on Bali island in Indonesia. There you will find a perfect combination of chic style and modern accents. And that would be the perfect accommodation for this star sign!

Every year millions of tourists fly to South Africa to visit Table Mountain.

Worth seeing Table Mountain Resort South Africa

luxurious resort for the Libra (SEPTEMBER 24- OCTOBER 23)

The scales often let their sophisticated taste shine. The perfect vacation spot for this zodiac sign would be in a big city, where there are plenty of local offers. For example, Scales can rent breathtaking modern accommodation, such as the Spa House in Cape Town. Luxurious room decor and an on-site infinity pool, massage rooms and other spa procedures make this South African vacation rental the perfect getaway for anyone born Libra.

Here you can spend unforgettable holidays in Cape Town, South Africa.

Unforgettable holiday resort Cape Town South Africa swimming pool

Or would you prefer to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere on the island of Santorini and laze under the beautiful sun of Greece?

Mediterranean resort Zafira Residence Santorini

Mediterranean luxury for the scorpion (OCTOBER 24- NOVEMBER 22)

Scorpions are busy at work, sometimes even unfathomable. They act energetically and passionately. The best resort for you would be on the Mediterranean coast. The water is their element, so the scorpions want to spend their holidays near the sea. For example in Greece. They usually choose an accommodation of well thought-out design, tastefully decorated and located near the water. A combination of all these features can be found in Zafira Residence on Santorini Island. There, the tourists enjoy a lot of sun, endless lukewarm water and enough privacy – so the best for independent scorpions!

The wilderness on Orcas island in the US is waiting for visitors

Remote resort tree house

Where do the shooters go? (NOVEMBER 23- DECEMBER 22)

Adventurous shooters love nature, so they seek direct contact with the green of the forest or the blue of the ocean, even on holiday. If you were born in this zodiac sign, then we recommend staying in this wonderful enchanted tree house right in the heart of the forest.

In this glassworks in New Zealand you can completely forget the everyday stress in Germany

Unusual resort Glashutte New Zealand due to Sagittarius

A shooter is also a globetrotter and likes to fly around the globe. People in this zodiac plan their travels to breathtaking locations to experience the beauty of nature first-hand.

Pure nature can be enjoyed in New Zealand.

Unusual Resort New Zealand Pure nature Sheep

Globetrotters also like to fly to California to feel the tranquility of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

Zodiac Capricorn (DECEMBER 23- JANUARY 20)

Practical people are all born in the Capricorn Capricorn. They want to make the most of every aspect of their vacation. Are you also a Capricorn? Then choose an accommodation that is equipped with every comfort to make the most of your holiday. For example, do you want to go to a lake and have a wonderful escape there for a week or two? That would be possible at Lake Tahoe, California. Enjoy stunning views over the lake, swimming pool, lake access, fully equipped kitchen and gym. Could you wish something more from the resort? We think, hardly!

Have you already decided where to go next time? Also look at the following pictures. You will not find it difficult to find the perfect holiday destination for yourself.

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Lake Tahoe California USA

Lake Tahoe California USA

Lake Tahoe California

Breathtaking view of Oscas Island and the nearby bay

View Lummi island Oscas island nearby bay

So quiet and enchanting is it on Santorini

Best resort Santorini island Greece

A lot of history, culture and pure nature await you on the island of Santorini

A lot of culture History Pure nature Santorini Greece best holiday resort

The stairs lead into the historic Lempuyang Temple on Bali, Indonesia.

Lempuyang Temple Bali Indonesia

The old city center of Zurich is really inviting.

Popular resort Zurich Switzerland welcoming old city center