24 Charming Lanes, You Must Not Miss During Your City Trip

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It is the little things that make a city trip memorable

Imagine, are just at the station of an unfamiliar city.  You got out just from the train or bus… Maybe take a ride opportunity and will X make equal for the first time in your life the station Street in the city. Immediately you will begin, curious to explore the unknown city and maybe she whispers one of their countless secrets…

City travel times differently Bellagio, Italy

city travel belagio Italy

Istambul, Turkey has many faces

City travel Istanbul turkei

It’s truly magical – the desire to to have to deal with unknown streets and corner and eager to explore. The people in the street cafes to watch and to be fascinated by the authentic, typical and genuine this village…

Barcelona always fascinated

city trip barcelona Spain

The Danish capital will enchant you

city travel kopenhaven Denmark

People who travel regularly and passionately, looking for exactly hidden and mysterious corners which are (still) undiscovered by tourists. Where the heartbeat of a city is protected and you can lose the notion of space and time.

Mountains, the scenic beauty of the North Norwegen-

city bergen Norway

Plan a city trip as soon and look forward to the itinerary laid down for a long time?  It is important to enrich all famous sights, which are available in the offer of the tour operator, to visit and be culturally, but try at least for a moment to perceive the city with your own eyes and feel its authentic atmosphere.

Indescribably beautiful – the fortress of Eze in France

city travel ese France

In the Andalusian Cordoba, you lose the sense of time and space

destinations Europe cord ova Spain

Greece is always worth a visit

destinations Europe Greece Corfu

In today’s article, we want to take (at least mentally) on a small town travel through 24 charming, small and charming streets, which apparently so far spared and remain unaffected by the folly of globalization.  It is possible and safe to experience authentic corners and sometimes secret roads. For this, you should have the courage to get away from the main arteries and to sink into the secrets of the city.

charming small streets in Norway

travel destinations Europe mountains norwegen2

Morocco BB´s Parisienne of Cafébabel.com

destinations Europe somewhere Morocco

Lannion, France

travel destinations Europe lanion France

Talk is the beauty of Ljubljana, Slovenia

destinations Europe ljubljana slovenien

Different way to experience London

travel destinations Europe london großbritanien

Molyvos, Greece

destinations Europe molivos Greece


destinations Europe molivos Morocco

The beautiful municipal Pontremoni, Tuscany

destinations Europe of pontremoli Tuscany Italy

In Prague, it fell just

destinations Europe Prague Czech Republic

Not so well known famous cities like Salzburg

destinations Europe salzburg Austria

Santorini, Greece

destinations Europe santorini Greece

travel destinations Europe of santorini griechenland2

The charming beauty of Talins invites you on a Baltic adventure

destinations Europe talin of Estonia

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