25 Funny Packaging – The Good Product Can Be Quick Sale

Editor   April 23, 2014   Comments Off on 25 Funny Packaging – The Good Product Can Be Quick Sale

funny packaging banana juice

The good product sells itself

Enjoy our collection of funny packaging, make more fun and unusual look everyday. See these designs for even those that can be used as gift wrap. Creatively conceived and designed these enjoy each of you – from small children up to adults. Have fun watching!

Funny packaging – fresh bread

funny packaging bread

Sometimes, only a photo can attract our attention and turn a bun into a paper bag into a fairy tale hero with a delicious hat.

The note on the packaging is a clever solution for all music lovers

funny packaging music

Quite enough acts to see the bear on the packaging and likes to taste the honey pastries. The game with the product name and the bees look also very sweet and cute

funny packaging breakfast

New York is not the first thing that occurs to us, when it comes to spaghetti, but the idea is just great

funny packaging breakfast

Even a wise and useful to advertising solution, based on the creative packaging

funny packaging of redheads interesting

Hairstyle or muffin? Why because not both? The packaging of this Japanese cake looks really funny and playful

tasty original gift wrap cake hairstyle

Anyone who likes to drink tea, would highly appreciate this idea. Here we can does not deny the functionality

hanger gift packaging tea bag

Sometimes tear the beer labels – these origami idea you would definitely love

funny packaging beer

Creative and eco-friendly bag with a “window” in the form of a belly. It of very funny, but makes us think of our diet

beautiful vegetables packaging bag

Still a nice, sweet idea – glasses, from which you can make a honeycomb

honeycomb packaging perfume

Another example of matches that show us how we can combine the useful with the funny

funny gift wrap of redheads

The vegetable puree is rarely on our dining list, but this packaging will surely help easier to devour the

funny gift wrap vegetable puree

The animal owners choose such treats, so the packaging is here very important and unique

funny gift wrap pets feeding

Even the choice of a breast is proving to be fun task

funny gift wrap brush

Far away from nature, this perfume bottle with Zen is one step design

funny packaging bamboo

There are many reasons why to choose a water bottle, especially if inside a boat sails

funny packaging water drinking boat

The drink packets are always a great solution for the designer, but it has accentuated here on the pulp

funny packaging Orange

Beautiful idea thanks to the olive shape

funny packaging olive

Exceptional wine bottle corresponds to the terrifying name

funny heart gift packaging wine

Still a creative vision for tea bag in an origami-style

funny packaging tea

Nice way to which man is presenting this banana juice without a single word

funny packaging banana juice

Good advertising strategy and a very meaningful warning

funny packaging smoking

Here we have another wine bottles! It helps us to see the world through pink glasses

funny packaging pink glasses wine

Lubricating blades to your attention

funny packaging lubrication knife

Smirnoff are always available on the creative design and the series caipiroska is no exception

funny packaging Smirnoff

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