5 Foods For Healthy Hair And Nails

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Healthy hair and nails – what makes it possible?

It’s no secret more, that nutrition plays a vital role in the care of hair and nails. Which are very important omega 3 fat acids, are to be found in foods such as salmon or pumpkin seeds. Prefer products which are rich in beta carotene are like sweet potatoes and spinach. Black lentils and walnuts provide the body with biotin, which in turn protects against hair loss.

Healthy hair by salmon and pumpkin seeds

healthy hair live healthy salmon live

That supports healthy nail bed and hair roots – the spinach

healthy hair live healthy living spinach

Strong hair roots and nails by keratin

healthy hair live healthy living protein fruity quark

Of biotin in the walnuts protects against hair loss

healthy hair live healthy basket live Walnut


Salmon meat is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the hair and promise a wild and shiny mane. Also, there are plenty of protein and vitamin D, which are soothing and good for the hair in the salmon.

As an alternative to the salmon, you can take also sardines, herring fillet, trout or mackerel. Vegetarians can eating avocados, walnuts, pumpkin seeds rely on, to your daily requirement of Omega 3 fatty acids to cover.

As an alternative to the salmon you eat avocado and pumpkin seeds

healthy hair live healthy salmon live

healthy hair live healthy live salmon caviar

Milk protein

All dairy products and particularly the whey are full of protein. This natural protein plays an important role in the formation of keratin, which strengthens hair and nails. For this reason, it is important regularly to eat protein. Also keeps your feeling of fullness longer, which is important especially in people with weight problems.

The best in natural form, but also soluble the milk protein has a visible impact

healthy hair live healthy living protein quark

healthy hair live healthy living protein


The consumption of walnuts provides the body with the important biotin, which protects against hair loss. Together with vitamin E, they prevent the DNA damage cells.

healthy hair live healthy living Walnut

Black lenses for a glossy mane

hair healthy living healthy living beluga lenses black bread

Black lentils and spinach

The lenses and especially the black supply our body with zinc, iron, protein and biotin, which are responsible for healthy hair and nails. Another miracle work, which has a positive impact on hair and nails, is the spinach. Beta carotene, vitamin C and folic acid is the trio, which is responsible for a healthy nail bed and strong hair roots.

healthy hair live healthy living beluga lentils black

healthy hair live healthy salad live spinach

Sweet potatoes

A vitamin A deficiency is prone to itching and dandruff your scalp. The regular intake of important vitamins from the body supports the consumption of sweet potatoes.

healthy hair live healthy life sweet potato

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