50s Hairstyles And Well Known People From This Period

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retro hairstyles style icons 50s hairstyles hair cuts

The 50s hairstyles and the famous persons of this era

The modern trends in the hairstyles this year are influenced heavily by the style of the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century. The 50 years represent a popular source of inspiration from which it draws very happy again.

Would you take also a reference to when choosing your new hair’s Dressup sets? If so, then we offer a such unusual approach here. We you super great and popular hairstyles represent, but at the same time also the famous people who have worn them.

Stylish haircuts in retro style

retro Haaschnitte 50s hairstyles hair cuts

Lucille Ball

One of the most striking trends in the 50s was hairstyles by Lucille Ball. Such haircut can emphasize the delicacy of the facial features beautifully with round faces.

Lucille Ball and her red hair

Lucille Ball 50s hairstyles

Rita Moreno

The second star, which has heavily emphasized the world of the 50s hairstyles is called Rita Moreno. You remember them? Maybe take the opportunity as a reason, to see the film “West Side Story” again.

Rita Moreno in “West Side Story”

Rita Moreno 50s hairstyles hair cuts

James Dean

After two women, now is time for a Mr. His vision was very striking for the masculine 50s hairstyles. They go together hand in hand with the idea of the “bad boys”.

The bad boy of James Dean

James Dean 50s hairstyles Mämmer hair cuts

Bill Haley and Elvis Presley

Both have worked much together. They are also often to see on common shots. Their striking 50 years hairstyles are a great role model for many men today still, if they are to see in a more modern form.

Bill Haley and Elvis Presley

Bill Haley, Elvis Presley 50s hairstyles men haircuts

Marilyn Monroe

If there is hairstyles for women talk about 50 years, which still fascinate the ladies and their stylists to date, you can skip Merlin never. She is simply fabulous… The pictures speak for themselves.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe 50s hairstyles

Eartha Kitt

Bob will be one of the hits for fall wave. But how long has it been, that has been such a hairstyle for the first time? Even watch the video of the famous hit “Santa Baby” and it may be that you find the right answer.

Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt haircut 50s hairstyles

PuTTY with chic plug hairstyle

Eartha Kitt plug hairstyle 50s hairstyles

Nancy “Ka Shen” Kwan

Romantic, long and with gentle volume – it’s a really modern. But that’s it in the 50s hairstyles to see. The pictures of Nancy “Ka Shen” Kwan can serve as an evidence.

Nancy “Ka Shen” Kwan


Billie Holiday

In your search for inspiration among the 50 hairstyles you could look at pictures of Billie Holiday. It has also an excellent style and great charisma. It is always worth to call this.

Billie Holiday with flowers in your hair

Billie Holiday plug hairstyle with flowers 50s hairstyles

Sophia Loren

Also Sophia Loren was well-known in the 50-ies. Her image was also the former style of hairstyles. Look at our pictures and draw inspiration! These hairstyles for those of you who want to have it especially romantic are especially apt choice.

Sophia Loren has always a trendy hairstyle

Sophia Loren 50s hairstyles hair cuts

The list could be continued further. Here are some names of artists whose 50 years, hairstyles you necessarily should look at: Dorothy Dandridge, Connie Francis, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Bettie Mae Page.

Sophia with short hair cut

Sophia Loren Kurzhaaschnitte 50s hairstyles hair cuts

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