6 Healing Herbs And Plants, Rebuilding The Immune System

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Healing herbs and plants for a defense strong immune system

The age-old Vedic medicine and the wisdom of Ayurveda into 7 Ojash, or seven layers which build the human body the immunity of people. The motto of Eastern wisdom is that we should watch all our Ojash or our life force, if we would be pleased about health and a good well-being.

Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and fruits keep the life forces in equilibrium

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Ayurveda States that the human body consists of seven layers, or seven Dhaatus. Rasa (body fluids), Rakta (blood), Mansa (muscle), Madha (body fat), Asthi (bone) Majja (marrow), and Shukra (seeds). The main source of vitality Ojash is the sum of seven layers of аllen and keeps our vitality in the balance.

Plants, fruits, and herbs like AMLA, licorice, Ashwagandha, ginger, Tulsi, cardamom, turmeric, Haritaki and Brahmi have a beneficial effect on our immune system.

Ginger strongly counteracts infections

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Ashwagandha recharges with energy

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The Marvel fight a number of diseases turmeric

Panchakarma ayurveda turmeric live healthy herbsAmla

AMLA, still known as Indian gooseberry is the best natural vitamin C source that we know. According to Ayurveda, this fruit will reduce efficiency of all three doshas (fire, air, and Earth) and calm body, mind and soul.

The Indian gooseberry is a rich vitamin C source

ayurveda Panchakarma aamlaTurmeric

Turmeric is widely used in India for culinary and medicinal purposes. In the healing practice, turmeric is a recognized cure for a range of diseases, and last but not least, the plant revives the immune system enormously.

Panchakarma ayurveda turmeric live healthy herbs


According to the ayurvedsischen medicine, Ginger is an active root with many advantages. The ingestion of ginger reduces kapha and vata and increases the fire-Pitta. Ginger fights infections easily and strengthened the defenses of the people.

Ginger with honey and lemon chases away the cold and the flu

ayurveda cure ginger


Tulsi or known as Ocimum Tenuiflorum, includes specific substances which act effectively against asthma and infections. Respiratory diseases are treated with the plant and cured. The fresh juice of Tulsi and Tulsi tea enable your defences and keep you alive and well.

Tulsi cleanses and soothes the Airways

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An excellent remedy from the medicine cabinet, which handle a series of complaints and can be cured is the roots of the licorice. The powder of the roots, some honey and ghee invigorate the body and strengthen your immunity.

How good is licorice for our immune system…

Panchakarma ayurveda turmeric live healthy herbsAshwagandha

This little-known root stabilizes the immune system and rebuild the energy of DEPOS. Rejuvenating properties are attributed to the plant. Advice is rather at a specialist or a specialist, how these remedies are dosed and taken.

Ahwagandha rejuvenates and invigorates

ayurveda Panchakarma Ashwagandha

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