6 New Films, The You Like Would, If You Knew It

Editor   December 28, 2015   Comments Off on 6 New Films, The You Like Would, If You Knew It

new movies 2015 dating Queen Amy Schumer

New movies that you could not miss

2015 is now almost over. We have some festive days ahead of us, which we want to enjoy quiet and contemplative. Now, maybe, it’s time to look at some great movies, which we all missed. Some have been this year on the big screen and others – slightly earlier.

The legend of Princess KAGUYA

new movies princess Kaguya cartoons

One of the best animations that previously were available, showed the audience this year. The story is based on a Chinese legend from the 10th century. It’s a princess who tried to return to the country.

Slow West

new movies 2015 slow West Michael Fassbender

Slow is a Scotsman who travels to America West. He seeks to attract the attention of his beloved wife. He offers his services as a guide here. Director and screenwriter is John Maclean. He shows the Midwest of America’s in a whole new light.

Timbuktu (2014)

new movies Timbuktu 2014 Abderrahmane Sissako

This drama is by 2014, and therefore can be regarded as one of the newer movies. It comes to the simple family of cowherds, which dealt with the threat of terrorism.

by 2015, this film because of the dramatic events on the world was particularly relevant.

Dating Queen

new movies 2015 dating Queen

In this film, Amy Schumer impressed with her wonderful game. She has the role of a woman possessed by dates. She believes that monogamy just does not work. Bill Hader plays the role of your main partner in the film. We promise you very much chemistry.

It is not easy to be a God

new films by 2015 it is not easy to a God his

This film was shot on a novel in 1964. Actually, the project was started nearly 15 years ago and ended only now.

‘ 71: behind enemy lines

new movies 2015 behind enemy lines

A British soldier was accidentally left in a dangerous area of the war. He remains alone in Belfast in 1971. The film tells of his courage and the skills he needs to show the whole night life and sure to stay.

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